Paul Gerhardts spiritual songs, tr. by J. Kelly

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Page 45 - With songs and prayers adore Him, Who to our life from heaven All needed strength hath given. 2 The stream of years is flowing, And we are onward going, From old to new surviving, And by His mercy thriving. 3 In woe we often languish, And pass through times of anguish, Of wars and trepidation, Alarming every nation.
Page 223 - COMMIT whatever grieves thee At heart, and all thy ways, To Him who never leaves thee, On whom creation stays, Who freest courses maketh For clouds, and air, and wind, And who care ever taketh A path for thee to find. 2 The Lord thou -must repose on If thou wouldst prosper sure, His work must ever gaze on If thine is to endure. By anxious care and grieving.
Page 71 - My Saviour there was laid Where our bed must be made, When to the realms of light Our spirit wings its flight. 2 They in the grave did sink Him, The foe held jubilee ; Before he can bethink him...
Page 214 - E'er of Him deprive me? Who can rob me of my heaven That God's Son, ! As mine own, To my faith hath given?
Page 46 - Defender. 8 O God of mercy ! hear us. Our Father ! be Thou near us ; 'Mid crosses and in sadness Be Thou our Fount of gladness. 9 To all that bow before Thee And for Thy grace implore Thee O grant Thy benediction And patience in affliction.
Page 227 - ... wonderful decree, Shall as Himself good deemeth, O'errule what grieveth thee. 9 He may, awhile still staying, His comforts keep from thee And on His part delaying, Seem to have utterly Forgotten and forsaken And put thee out of mind, Though thou'rt by grief o'ertaken, No time for thee to find. 10 But if thou never shrinkest, And true dost still remain, He'll come when least thou thinkest, And set thee free again, Thee from the load deliver, That burdeneth thy heart, That thou hast carried never...
Page 61 - And thus might end my strife! 8 Thanks from my heart I offer Thee, Jesus, dearest Friend, For all that Thou didst suffer; My good didst Thou intend. Ah ! grant that I may ever To Thy truth faithful be ; When soul and body sever, May I be found in Thee ! 9 When hence I must betake me, Lord, do not Thou depart!
Page 59 - Men mock and taunt and jeer Thee, Thou noble countenance, Though mighty worlds shall fear Thee and flee before Thy glance. How art thou pale with anguish, with sore abuse and scorn! How doth Thy visage languish that once was bright as morn!
Page 59 - O ! bleeding Head, and wounded, And full of pain and scorn, In mockery surrounded With cruel crown of thorn; O Head ! before adorned With grace and majesty, Tnsulted now and scorned, All hail I bid to Thee!
Page 218 - Shepherd! Lord ! joy's Fountain ever' Thou art mine, I am Thine, No one can us sever. I am Thine, because Thou gavest Life and blood For my good, By Thy death me savest.

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