Municipal Housecleaning: The Methods and Experiences of American Cities in Collecting and Disposing of Their Municipal Wastes, Ashes, Rubbish, Garbage, Manure, Sewage, and Street Refuse

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Page 192 - in the City of New York, without a permit therefor issued by the Board of Health or otherwise than in accordance with the terms of said permit and with the regulations of said board. "The
Page 83 - taking into account the gradual loss of capacity of contact beds, a cubic yard of material arranged in the form of a percolating filter will generally treat
Page 24 - cans and shovels. The dirt collected is placed in sacks and left at convenient points to be collected by special wagons and taken to the dump in sacks, these being returned by the drivers. Sacks are used in preference to cans because of the weight, bulk and noisiness of the latter. Machine
Page 159 - dumps where ashes and rubbish and other refuse are deposited are not only unattractive in appearance, but are detrimental to the health of those living in the immediate vicinity, and as a city grows, it usually becomes increasingly difficult to find locations where these dumps can be maintained without incurring the objections of those living in the neighborhood.
Page 79 - but especially in the latter, has at present two distinct fields of usefulness ; first, it constitutes an effective means of preparation for any final process which can be better conducted with a sewage from which the suspended solids are more or less completely removed
Page 155 - That the disposal by feeding is the most economical method ; that the greatest intrinsic value of the garbage, the feeding value, is made use of ; that the garbage of Worcester
Page 26 - machine broom cleaning is done in batteries of two or three, preceded by sprinklers, the number of brooms in each battery depending upon the width and character of the streets to be cleaned. The average gang consists of two machine brooms
Page 83 - nearly twice as much tank liquor as a cubic yard of material in a contact bed.
Page 78 - sedimentation of the sewage is concerned. It was operated without the production of the offensive odors characteristic of the septic tank and the sludge itself was disposed of without creating a nuisance. The effluent from the Imhoff tank was normally as fresh in appearance and odor as the sewage flowing into the tank.
Page 85 - as could be treated by intermittent sand filtration, and more than ten times as much per cubic yard of filter. Four times as much sewage was treated by these experimental filters as could be treated satisfactorily by experimental contact beds. In order to obtain equal nitrification with contact beds at least three contacts would be required.

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