Three months passed in the mountains east of Rome, during ... 1819

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Page 268 - Vegliantin, dove č la tua prodezza? O Vegliantin, nessun si dia pių vanto. O Vegliantin, venuta č l'ora sezza. O Vegliantin, tu m'hai cresciuto il pianto. O Vegliantin, tu non vuoi pių cavezza. O Vegliantin, s'io ti feci mai torto, perdonami, ti priego, cosė morto. — 103 Dice Turpin, che mi par maraviglia, che come Orlando: — Perdonami — disse, quel cavai parve ch'aprissi le ciglia e col capo e co...
Page 73 - The city which thou seest no other deem Than great and glorious Rome, queen of the earth, So far renown'd, and with the spoils enrich'd Of nations ; there the capitol thou seest Above the rest lifting his stately head On the Tarpeian rock, her citadel Impregnable, and there Mount Palatine, The...
Page 51 - The laurell, meed of mightie conquerours And poets sage, the firre that weepeth still, The willow worne of forlorne paramours, The eugh...
Page 51 - Cypress funeral. The Laurel, meed of mighty conquerors And poets sage, the Fir that weepeth still, The Willow, worn of forlorn paramours, The Yew obedient to the bender's will, The Birch for shafts, the Sallow for the mill, The Myrrh sweet bleeding in the bitter wound, The warlike Beech, the Ash for nothing ill, The fruitful Olive, and the Plantain round, The carver Holme, the Maple seldom inward sound...
Page 115 - No tree, that is of count, in greenewood growes, From lowest Juniper to Ceder tall, No flowre in field, that daintie odour throwes, And deckes his branch with blossomes over all, But there was planted, or grew naturall...
Page 129 - But whirl from leathern slings huge balls of lead; And spoils of yellow wolves adorn their head: The left foot naked, when they march to fight; But in a bull's raw hide they sheathe the right.
Page 48 - The olive, in the western world, followed the progress of peace, of which it was considered as the symbol. Two centuries after the foundation of Rome, both Italy and Africa were strangers to that useful plant ; it was naturalised in those countries, and at length carried into the heart of Spain and Gaul.
Page 136 - And while their rocky Ramparts round they see, The rough abode of want and liberty, (As lawless Force from Confidence will grow) Insult the Plenty of the Vales below?
Page 48 - Africa were strangers to that useful plant ; it was naturalized in those countries ; and at length carried into the heart of Spain and Gaul. The timid errors of the ancients, that it required a certain degree of heat, and could only flourish in the neighbourhood of the sea, were insensibly exploded by industry and experience.

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