The Congo Independent State: A Report on a Voyage of Enquiry

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Page 78 - Ministère public à la juridiction effective du chef local et à l'application des coutumes indigènes...
Page 6 - Africa is entirely free from blame in its relations with the black man, but I am firmly convinced, from what I saw and the opportunities I had for seeing much, that the Independent State of the Congo, in so far as those regions are concerned which are under its immediate rule, has no more reason to be blamed than any other.
Page 78 - ... acquise au chef indigène reconnu, agissant dans l'exercice de ses attributions. Indépendamment des pouvoirs, que le chef indigène possède comme tel, d'après la coutume indigène, et qu'il consacre et justifie, le gouvernement désire attribuer aux chefs indigènes...
Page 157 - One of the richest, and apparently at one time most populous, districts of the tropics is being laid waste by the greed and cruelty of an unscrupulous and disreputable gang, whose atrocious actions may, if not speedily and effectually stopped, lead to a condition of affairs which will constitute a grave menace to the white man's security in Central Africa.
Page 108 - Monocacy, a place situated at the junction of the river of the same name with the Potomac.
Page 52 - This is the case in many other areas of the law and even the judges of the High Court and the Court of Appeal are under a similar duty.
Page 133 - Empire is unfavourable to the development of aerial communication because of the difficulty of crossing the sea, but it should be pointed out on the other hand that the...
Page 38 - ... In all the larger villages Mohammedan schools were established, at which attendance by all the children was enforced by the chief. The men all wore the traditional Mohammedan dress and were most devout and rigorous in the observance of their religion, while the women were suitably clothed and were treated with a degree of respect and consideration far ahead of that prevailing among Africans generally.1 On the other hand, Consul MacKie, who travelled in the same district in 1911, wrote in his...
Page 38 - These he first took to be a group of chimpanzis, springing from branch to branch, and stopping from curiosity to look at the intruder in exactly the same way as do the larger apes.
Page 107 - ... as the finest European dwellings in the Congo (4). Lord MOUNTMORRES found excellent buildings at Bolobo early in 1905 ; he noted a chapel, a hospital, school huildings, workshops, a printing-office and a brickyard, all set in the midst of highly cultivated plantations and gardens. " The whole... has a general air of comfort and prosperity, which is very pleasing " (5). But the very comfort and prosperity were warning signs of isolation : " Note this curious new word * Station ' we begin to use...

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