The Historians' History of the World: Parthians, Sassanids, and Arabs. The crusades and the papacy

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Henry Smith Williams
Outlook Company, 1904 - World history

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Page 132 - At the conclusion of the life of Mahomet, it may perhaps be expected that I should balance his faults and virtues, that I should decide whether the title of enthusiast or impostor more properly belongs to that extraordinary man. Had I been intimately conversant with the son of Abdallah, the task would still be difficult, and the success uncertain; at the distance of twelve centuries I darkly contemplate his shade through a cloud of religious incense ; and, could I truly delineate the portrait of...
Page 570 - Photius, the procession of the Holy Ghost from the Father and the Son, was an error so awful as to deserve a thousand anathemas.
Page 142 - Mahomet has not specified the male companions of the female elect, lest he should either alarm the jealousy of their former husbands, or disturb their felicity, by the suspicion of an everlasting marriage.
Page 163 - If these writings of the Greeks agree with the book of God, they are useless, and need not be preserved • if they disagree, they are pernicious, and ought to be de stroyed.
Page 136 - The Christians of the seventh century had insensibly relapsed into a semblance of paganism ; their public and private vows were addressed to the relics and images that disgraced the temples of the East ; . the throne of the Almighty was darkened by a cloud of martyrs, and saints, and angels, the objects of popular veneration...
Page 158 - Antioch trembled and obeyed. Her safety was ransomed with three hundred thousand pieces of gold; but the throne of the successors of Alexander, the seat of the Roman government in the East, which had been decorated by Caesar with the titles of free, and holy, and inviolate, was degraded under the yoke of the caliphs to the secondary rank of a provincial town.
Page 351 - By the experience of a recent siege, and a three years' possession, the Saracens of Egypt had been taught to discern, and in some degree to remedy, the defects of a place which religion as well as honour forbade them to resign.
Page 143 - Sophia, with an increase of splendour and size, represents the humble tabernacle erected at Medina by the hands of Mahomet. The Mahometans have uniformly withstood the temptation of reducing the object of their faith and devotion to a level with the senses and imagination of man. " I believe in one God, " and Mahomet the apostle of God," is the simple and invariable profession of Islam.
Page 134 - The good sense of Mahomet despised the pomp of royalty; the apostle of God submitted to the menial offices of the family; he kindled the fire, swept the floor, milked the ewes, and mended with his own hands his shoes and his woollen garment.
Page 136 - Was she not old?" said Ayesha, with the insolence of a blooming beauty; "has not God given you a better in her place?" "No, by God," said Mahomet, with an effusion of honest gratitude, "there never can be a better! She believed in me when men despised me; she relieved my wants, when I was poor and persecuted by the world.