Thin Film Materials, Processes, and Reliability: Proceedings of the International Symposia

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The Electrochemical Society, 2001 - Thin film devices - 216 pages

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Page 3 - The authors would like to thank the National Science Council of the Republic of China for financially supporting this research under Contract No.
Page 175 - JM Calvert, WJ Dressick, CS Dulcey, MS Chen, JH Georger, DA Stenger, TS Koloski, and GS Calabrese, in Polymers for Microelectronics-Resists and Dielectrics, LF Thompson, C.
Page 30 - MC Gilmer, TY Luo, HR Huff, MD Jackson, S. Kim, G. Bersuker, P. Zeitzoff, L. Vishnubhotla, GA Brown, R. Amos, D. Brady, VHC Watt, G. Gale, J. Guan, B. Nguyen, G. Williamson, P. Lysaght, K. Torres, F. Geyling, CFH Gondran, JA Fair, MT Schulberg and T.
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Page 175 - AG Schrott, M. Paunovic, CJ Sambucetti, JR Marino, PJ Bailey, S. Kaja, and KW Semkow, 1BMJ.
Page 29 - The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the National Science Council of the ROC for this work through project NSC 87-22 11 -E020-007.
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Page 22 - Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, ROC ABSTRACT Zirconia is introduced in Cr203 to inhibit the abnormal grain growth of Cr2O3 during densification.
Page 30 - G. Lucovsky, Y. Wu, H. Niimi, V. Misra, and JC Phillips, Appl. Phys. Lett. 74, 2005 (1999) 1 1 .47.

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