Arabian Days and Nights; or Rays from the East

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Page 311 - ... Precepts. Second Edition, with Photograph. A Memorial of the Prince Consort; comprising Maxims and Extracts from Addresses of His late Royal Highness. Many now for the first time collected and carefully arranged. With an Index.
Page 317 - This is a real, carefully executed collection of information and experiences, the which every one who takes up will hardly lay down until he has read from A to Z It is not only valuable to the special traveller, but fascinating to the general reader The author is as full of matter as any old sailor who has sailed four times round the world.
Page 318 - The Cotton Kingdom : a Traveller's Observations on Cotton and Slavery in America, based upon three former volumes of Travels and Explorations. By Frederick Law Olmsted. With Map.
Page 311 - Bloomfield's Farmer's Boy. Campbell's Pleasures of Hope. Coleridge's Ancient Mariner. Goldsmith's Deserted Village. Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield. Gray's Elegy in a Churchyard. Keat's Eve of St. Agnes. Milton's L' Allegro. Poetry of Nature. Harrison Weir. Rogers' (Sam.) Pleasures of Memory Shakespeare's Songs and Sonnets.
Page 313 - Worcester in combination with good sense and judgment. Worcester's is the soberer and safer book, and may be pronounced the best existing English Lexicon."—Athenceum. The Publishers...
Page 323 - Lectures on the Diseases of Women and Children. By Dr. GS Bedford. 4th Edition. 8vo. 18s. The Principles and Practice of Obstetrics. By Gunning S. Bedford, AM, MD With Engravings. 8vo. Cloth, II.
Page 311 - Such works are a glorious beatification for a poet. Such 'works as these educate townsmen, who, surrounded by dead and artificial things, as country people are by life and nature, scarcely learn to look at nature till taught by these concentrated specimens of her beauty.
Page 310 - Favourite English Poems. Complete Edition. Comprising a Collection of the most celebrated Poems in the English Language, with but one or two exceptions unabridged, from Chaucer to Tennyson. With 300 Illustrations by the first Artists. Two vols. royal 8vo. half bound top gilt, Roxburgh style, U. 18s. ; antique calf, 3/. 3s. ** Either Volume sold separately as distinct works. 1. " Early English Poems, Chaucer to Dyer.
Page 315 - Child's Play. Illustrated with Sixteen Coloured Drawings by EVB, printed in fac-simile by W. Dickes* process, and ornamented with Initial Letters. New edition, with India paper tints, royal 8vo. cloth extra, bevelled cloth, 7s.
Page 311 - Origin and History of the English Language, and of the early literature it embodies. By the Hon. George P. Marsh. US Minister at Turin, Author of " Lectures on the English Language.

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