The Palace of Pleasure: Elizabethan Versions of Italian and French Novels from Boccaccio, Bandello, Cinthio, Straparola, Queen Margaret of Navarre, and Others, Volume 1

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D. Nutt, 1890 - Classical literature
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Page xxi - Lamerocke, with the wife of king Lote, that was his own aunte. This is good stuffe, for wise men to laughe at, or honest men to take pleasure at. Yet I know, when Gods Bible was banished the Court, and Morte Arthure receiued into the Princes chamber. What toyes, the dayly readyng of...
Page xxiii - ... occasion of ofter meeting of him and her, and bolder talking of this and that, etc.
Page xxi - They open, not fond and common wayes to vice, but such subtle, cunnyng, new, and diuerse shiftes, to cary yong willes to- vanitie, and yong wittes to mischief, to teach old bawdes new schole poyntes, as the simple head of an English man is not hable to inuent, nor neuer was hard of in England before, yea when Papistrie ouerflowed all.
Page xx - Italianato, e un diabolo incarnato; that is to say, you remain men in shape and fashion 40 but become devils in life and condition. This is not the opinion of one for some private spite, but the judgment of all, in a common proverb which riseth of that learning and those manners which you gather in Italy. A good schoolhouse of wholesome doctrine, and worthy masters of commendable...
Page xx - These be the inchantementes of Circes, brought out of Italie to marre mens maners in England : much by example of ill life, but more by preceptes of fonde bookes, of late translated out of Italian into English, sold in every shop in London, commended by honest titles the soner to corrupt honest maners : dedicated over boldlie to vertuous and honorable personages, the easielier to begile simple and innocent wittes.
Page xlviii - Volumina, are almost annihilated. Mr. Ames, who searched after books of this sort with the utmost avidity, most certainly had not seen them when he published his Typographical Antiquities ; as appears from his blunders about them : and possibly I myself...
Page xix - ... should carie at once in one bodie, the belie of a Swyne, the head of an Asse, the brayne of a Foxe, the wombe of a...
Page xix - I am affraide, that ouer many of our trauelers into Italie, do not exchewe the way to Circes Court : but go, and ryde, and runne, and flie thether, they make great hast to cum to her : they make great...
Page xxi - Suffer thefe bookes to be read, and they fhall foone difplace all bookes of godly learnyng. For they, carying the will to vanitie and marryng good maners, fhall eafily corrupt the mynde with ill opinions, and falfe...
Page li - I may boldly say it," says Gosson, a recreant play-wright who attacked his former profession, " because I have seen it, that the Palace of Pleasure, the Golden Asse, the Ethiopian History, Amadis of France, the Round Table, Bawdie Comedies in Latin, French, Italian, and Spanish, have been thoroughly ransacked to furnish the playhouse in London.

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