Resilience: The Quartus Family Saga

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AuthorHouse, Sep 1, 2004 - Fiction - 184 pages
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Chapter 1

Prelude to Pentecost deals with the Word made manifest in the Person of Jesus Christ. The Power of the Word expressed in Logos and Rhema [Gk.]. "In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was God." Dunamis, God's manifest power, is given unto mankind, along with exousia, the authority with which to use that power in all areas of our lives. Practical conditions leading toward salvation and the Results of Being Filled from a both a Bib1ical as well as a personal aspect are explained.

Chapter 2

Origin deals with the pneuma [GK], the invisible divine breath of God [YHVH] to both moral and spiritual ends. The infinite Being is the third person manifestation of the Godhead. The spirit's origin is manifested in the form of a dove, which serves as the physical form of the spirit of endowment. He has a personal name, Paracletos, as introduced in Christ's farewell discourse [Jn 14:16), guaranteeing the abiding presence. The Tabernacle setting is discussed and the questions "What is the Church?" and "What are the necessary functions needed in the Millennium?" are addressed.

Chapter 3

Deity of the Holy Spirit deals with the genealogical background of Christ. The Titles attributed to the Holy Spirit confirm His Deity. The Oneness of God is explained in detail along with The Trinity Doctrine "par excellence." He enlightens, teaches, protects, intercedes, prophecies, creates, destroys, anoints, and makes known the deep mysteries of God. His divine attributes and personality, in addition to His ability to comfort us in times of despair make his presence vital to our well being.

Chapter 4

The Holy Spirit and Fire gives detai1ed explanation of the Fire of God, both its healing and destructive forces. Emblems of the Holy Spirit are discussed. I share my own personal experience of the power of the Fire of God in my 1ife. The three aspects of Sanctification are described I) Positional, 2) Experimental and 3) Ultimate.

Chapter 5

The Power of Prayer and Praises involves the Building Blocks of Effective Prayers, the model prayer, the Pitfalls and the Sovereignty of God. Prayer is an intimate communion with God, erupting from our spiritual knowledge of Him and our recognition of His glory. All prayers, whether they be simple and routine or complex and elegant, should include the basic criteria as demonstrated in the Model Prayer - adoration, thanksgiving, petition, contrition and intercession. The Model Prayer also encompasses the effects of faith, fasting, confession and repentance, praise and worship.

Chapter 6

The Newness of Life describes the spiritual energies that provide us with the fulfillment and completion we feel thanks to the presence of Christ in our lives. Self Discipline is an important trait we all must possess in order to evolve into "new creatures," whereby we will receive the willingness to repent for our sins. The renewal of the human mind, Mankind's Reversa1 and the Three-fo1d Nature of Mankind, are presented along with the supernatural phenomenon, the ability to speak in tongues, the glory of spiritual gifts and the grace of miracles in our lives are discussed.

Chapter 7

Conditions or Being Filled and Offenses deals with the Sermon on the Mount, leading directly to the "fruit of the Spirit." The beatitudes are discussed, as well as the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Origin of Sin, Inherited Curses, and Reprobate Mind [Rom. 1]. The effect Sin has on our lives and the Holy Spirit's conviction against sin and the consequences he bequeaths upon sinners are addres

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