The Works of John Webster, Volume 4

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W. Pickering, 1830 - English drama
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Page 78 - Tugs at his oar against the stubborn wave, Straining his rugged veins, snores fast; The stooping scythe-man, that doth barb the field, Thou makest wink sure.
Page 166 - ART thou gone in haste ? I'll not forsake thee ; Runn'st thou ne'er so fast, I'll o'ertake thee : O'er the dales, o'er the downs, Through the green meadows, From the fields through the towns, To the dim shadows. All along the plain, To the low fountains, Up and down again From the high mountains ; Echo then shall again Tell her I follow, And the floods to the woods, Carry my holla, holla ! Ce ! la ! ho ! ho ! hu ! OLD FATHER JANEVERE. NOW
Page 14 - tis neither satire nor moral, but the mean passage of a history: yet there are a sort of discontented creatures that bear a stingless envy to great ones, and these will wrest the doings of any man to their base, malicious...
Page 8 - I have myself, therefore, set forth this comedy ; but so, that my enforced absence must much rely upon the printer's discretion : but I shall entreat slight errors in orthography may be as slightly over-passed, and that the unhandsome shape which this trifle in reading presents, may be pardoned for the pleasure it once afforded you when it was presented with the soul of lively action.
Page 73 - ll have fifty gentlemen shall attend upon " me: marry, the most of them shall be farmers' sons, " because they shall bear their own charges ; and " they shall go apparelled thus ; in sea-water-green " suits, ash-colour cloaks, watchet stockings, and " popinjay-green feathers : will not the colours do " excellent ? " BIAN. Out upon 't : they 'll look like citizens " riding to their friends at Whitsuntide ; their ap" parel just so many several parishes.
Page 105 - tis, lady; where, instead of masks, Music, tilts, tourneys, and such court-like shows, The hollow murmur of the checkless winds Shall groan again; whilst the unquiet sea Shakes the whole rock with foamy battery. There usherless the air comes in and out : The rheumy vault will force your eyes to weep, Whilst you behold true desolation...
Page 67 - How fortune dotes on impudence ! I am in private the adopted son of yon good prince. I must be duke. Why, if I must, I must. Most silly lord, name me? O heaven! I see God made honest fools to maintain crafty knaves.
Page 101 - Stand out, must have a stiffer warrant, or no pass into the castle of comfort. MEN. Command our sudden letter. — Not enter ! sha't : what place is there in Genoa but thou shalt ? into my heart, into my very heart : come, let's love ; we must love : we two, soul and body.
Page 112 - I could have carried a lady up and down at arm's end in a platter; and I can tell you, there were those at that time who, to try the strength of a man's back and his arm, would be coistered.
Page 79 - Would soon grow loathsome, even to blushes' sense; Surfeit would choke intemperate appetite, Make the soul scent the rotten breath of lust. When in an Italian lascivious palace, a Lady guardianless, Left to the push of all allurement, The strongest incitements to immodesty, To have her bound...

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