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Reviewed by Brenda Ballard for Readers Favorite
In the small seaside town of Manduwoc, memories of better economic times looms over the heads of the shoe-string community. Luanne Devore is the tie
that binds them together and that is not for a good reason...she has a habit of spreading horrible gossip. Her imagination and telephone are her weapons of destruction. They all want her dead. One by one, the townsfolk tell their tales. Each has valid reason but who is it going to be when the inevitable finally comes? Her husband, Ralph, and his girlfriend, Dani? After all, the bedridden woman lies upon the thousands of dollars he has earned over the years. The doctor? The lawyer? The politician? They each could very well be driven over the edge by the devastation her tongue has caused. The doctor's son, so devious that even his parents are afraid? His girlfriend whom he has turned into a junky to beat and have his way at a whim? They see the money under the mattress as a way to get out of the near ghost town. There are more, just tapping their fingers...In a twisting tale of survival and demise, the reader is given enough information to evaluate who it will be and justify the action.
I listened to audio book and while it was an interesting and captivating story, there were a few parts that were confusing. Sections had to be replayed a few times to figure out what I had missed That did detract from the enjoyment somewhat. Overall, though, I recommend this book to anybody who likes a good mystery.

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