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Finally the facts have come to light.
After Vonneguts crusade, in Slaughter House Five, it became very hard to look as some of the cold hard facts of bombing Germany.
Hitler had called for all
citizens to take up arms, making them military targets. Vonngut and his fellow prisoners were imprisoned at gunpoint by members of a town that could have let them go. Further, this city has been portrayed as a civilian target, which Taylor provide excellent insight and evidence, strongly supporting the military nature of this city. Finally, this and one <maybe two?> other cities were part of Stalin's demands at Yalta<?>. He needed to stop the flow of re-inforcemnts and material to the eastern front. Dresden's railhub was where much of these supplies came together on their trip to the eastern front.
To see the pictures of Dresden make this and several other firebombings terrible tragedies, but it was for the German's to avoid these catastrophies, not the beligerents on the opposing side. I admit a distinct bias in my view of the Nazi Reich. My ancestors were Polish. Warsaw was the first city <civilians> attacked in WW II. The Poles were forced into slave labor to build the death camps on their own soil. Then, they were the first victims used to try the new methods of slaughter. Over two million non-Jewish Poles civilian were slaughters or worked to death and the Jewish population was reduced from around 4 million to a couple hundred thousand. You won't find too many Poles that feel sympathy for the25-30,000 people in kiilled in the 2 days of firebombing, The only regreat I harbor is for the architeture and the labor that went into its creation. Those were the true losses in Dresden and Hitler and the Nazis can not be damned enough for that.

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