The new household receipt-book

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Page 76 - ... all night. In the morning, pour it carefully from the dregs into a clean bottle, cork it, and keep it for use. A table-spoonful of...
Page 611 - ... put them into a glazed earthen vessel, and when the gum is dissolved, add eight ounces of white wax. Put the earthen vessel with the gum-water and wax upon a slow fire, and stir them till the wax is dissolved and has boiled a few minutes : then take them off the fire and throw them into a basin, as by remaining in the hot earthen vessel the wax would become rather hard ; beat the gum-water and wax till quite cold.
Page 88 - Ions; in the Linen. — Rub the part on each side with yellow soap. Then lay on a mixture of starch in cold water very thick ; rub it well in, and expose the linen to the sun and air till the stain comes out. If not removed in three or four days, rub that off, and renew the process. When dry, it may be sprinkled with a little water.
Page 165 - Let a sponge, three or four inches in diameter, be moistened with pure water, and in that state be suspended by a string or wire, exactly over the flame of the lamp, at the distance of a few inches ; this substance will absorb all the smoke emitted during the evening, or night, after which it should be rinsed in warm water, by which means it will be again rendered fit for use.
Page 609 - ... finished, put some white wax into a glazed earthen vessel over a slow fire, and when melted, but not boiling, with a hard brush cover the painting with the wax, and when cold take a moderately hot iron, such as is used for ironing linen, and so cold as not to hiss, if touched with any thing wet, and draw it lightly over the wax. The painting will appear as if under a cloud till the wax is perfectly cold, as...
Page 508 - Take out the entrails, open a passage to the brain, which should be scooped out through the mouth...
Page 320 - ... an ounce a day, to each hen, during the winter or from the time insects disappear in the fall till they appear again in the spring. Never allow any eggs to remain in the nest for what are called nest eggs.
Page 281 - Indian lake, which may be made by infusing the lake some days in spirits of wine, and then pouring off the tincture from the dregs. It may be stained red by red ink. It may also be stained of a scarlet hue by the tincture of dragon's-blood in spirits of wine, but this will not be bright.
Page 18 - With one of these pieces, after having blown off all the dust from the paper to be cleaned by means of a good pair of bellows, begin at the top of the room ; holding "the crust in the hand, and wiping lightly downward with the crumb, about half a yard at each stroke, till the upper part of the hangings is completely cleaned all round. Then go again round, with the like sweeping stroke downward, always commencing each successive course a little higher than the upper stroke had extended, till the bottom...
Page 65 - ... a little water on the mixture. Use this compost at the back part of your fire. It will burn brightly and pleasantly; only a little dust will remain unconsumed ; and thus the trouble of sifting will be saved besides. HINT SEVENTH. — Another excellent suggestion by the same American authoress : — Mix one bushel of small coal, or saw-dust, or both, with two bushels of sand, and one bushel and a half of clay. Take water, and make the mixture into balls, and pile them up in a dry place till they...

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