Daily Life in Hitler's Germany

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Macmillan, Aug 17, 2004 - History - 224 pages
Daily Life in Hitler's Germany tells the story of what it was like to actually live under the Nazi regime in the 1930s and during the war years of the early 1940s. The wide range of topics examined in the book include the Nazi indoctrination of children through such organizations as the Hitler Youth, the subversion of the arts to serve National Socialist ideology, the Nazi obsession with sport as a means of creating a super-fit Aryan race, the role of women in Germany in the 1930s, and the fate of those individuals and races who had no place in the Thousand Year Reich. In addition, Daily Life in Hitler's Germany looks closely at the Nazi "economic miracle" of the 1930s to explain how unemployment in Germany had virtually disappeared by 1939.

Written by experts on twentieth-century and German history, the book gets under the skin of the Third Reich to bring the most chilling era in Germany's part to life. Above all, the Third Reich was the manifestation of the character, ambitions, and will of its leader, Adolf Hitler. Dogmatic and intolerant in his simplistic views, eventually the Nazi state reflected his crude belief in Darwinism: that struggle was the father of all things. Daily Life in Hitler's Germany examines fully how Hitler influenced the everyday lives of millions of ordinary Germans.

The hundreds of photographs in the book are particularly interesting, and show many facets of the Nazi regime. Propaganda and ritual were central to Nazi social control, and so Daily Life in Hitler's Germany contains images of the mass Nuremberg rallies, the persecution of the Jews and other minorities, the 1936 Olympic Games, and the large-scale military maneuvers conducted by the armed forces. Ultimately, the Third Reich failed in its aim of building a large empire in Eastern Europe, and the price was paid by the German people themselves. As Daily Life in Hitler's Germany shows, Germany's cities were reduced to rubble by strategic bombing, and the country itself was torn apart and then divided in the most destructive war in modern history.

- Highly illustrated account of everyday life as it affected ordinary Germands during the Third Reich, 1933-1945
- Contains first-hand accounts from German civilians and military personnel who lived through the years of Nazi rule
- Written by experts on the social, political, economic, and military history of the Third Reich
- Includes chapters on resistance to Nazi rule, the role of women in the Third Reich, and minorities and genocide
- Illustrated with 270 black-and-white photographs showing all aspects of life in the Third Reich

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Dr. Matthew Seligmann is an expert on the foreign and colonial policy of Wilhelmine Germany, as well as the origins of World War I. He is the author of Rivalry in Southern Africa 1893-1899: the Transformation of German Colonial Policy, co-author of Germany from Reich to Republic 1871-1918: Politics, Hierarchy and Elites; and co-editor of Leadership in Conflict 1914-1918. He currently lives in Great Britain.

Dr. John McDonald is a former teacher and an expert on twentieth-century European history. He currently lives in Great Britain.

Dr. John Davison is an expert on twentieth-century European history. He currently lives in Great Britain.

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