Their Wedding Journey

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James R. Osgood and Company, 1874 - 287 pages
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Page 210 - Alas! they had been friends in youth; But whispering tongues can poison truth; And constancy lives in realms above; And life is thorny; and youth is vain; And to be wroth with one we love Doth work like madness in the brain.
Page 67 - Whole team and big dog under the wagon," as they say out West. Young Woman. Better a big dog than a puppy, any day. (Giggles and horror from the younger sister, sensation in the young man, and so much rapture in the young woman that she drops the key of her stateroom from her hand. They both stoop, and a jocose scuffle for it ensues, after which the talk takes an autobiographical turn on the part of the young man, and drops into an unintelligible murmur. Ah ! poor Real Life, which I love...
Page 140 - All the long afternoon it idly swings and sways; And on the shore the crowd lifts up its hands and prays: Lifts to heaven and wrings the hands so helpless to save, Prays for the mercy of God on him whom the rock and the wave Battle for, fettered betwixt them, and who amidst their strife Struggles to help his helpers, and fights so hard for his life, — Tugging at rope and at reef, while men weep and women swoon.
Page 67 - Ah! poor Real Life, which I love, can I make others share the delight I find in thy foolish and insipid face?
Page 140 - Under the weltering rapids a boat from the bridge is drowned, Over the rocks the lines of another are tangled and wound ; And the long, fateful hours of the morning have wasted soon, As it had been in some blessed trance, and now it is noon. Hurry, now with the raft ! But...
Page 140 - ... to help his helpers, and fights so hard for his life, — Tugging at rope and at reef, while men weep and women swoon. Priceless second by second, so wastes the afternoon, And it is sunset now ; and another boat and the last Down to him from the bridge through the rapids has safely passed. Iv. Wild through the crowd comes flying a man that nothing can stay, Maddening against the gate that is locked athwart his way. " No ! we keep the bridge for them that can help him. You, Tell us, who are you...
Page 105 - ... nursery trade, a university, two commercial colleges, three collegiate institutes, eight or ten newspapers, and a free library. I dare say any respectable resident would laugh at us sentimentalizing over his city. But Rochester is for us, who don't know it at all, a city of any time or country, moonlit...
Page 23 - Have only sifted sand and dew, — Yet a mysterious hand of man Lying on all the haunted plan, The passions of the human heart Quickening the marble breast of Art, — Were not more strange, to one who first Upon its ghostly silence burst, Than this vast quiet, where the tide Of Life, upheaved on either side, Hangs trembling, ready soon to beat With human waves the Morning Street!
Page 211 - I knew you'd come back," she said. " So did I," he answered. " I am much too good and noble to sacrifice my preference to my duty." " I didn't care particularly for the two horses, Basil," she said, as they descended to the barouche. " It was your refusing them that hurt me." " And I didn't want the one-horse carriage. It was your insisting so that provoked me.
Page 106 - Some things can be done as well as others,' and proved it by jumping over Niagara Falls twice ? Spurred on by this belief, he attempted the leap of the Genesee Falls. The leap was easy enough, but the coming up again was another matter. He failed in that. It was the one thing that could not be done as well as others.

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