Review: Hitch22: A Memoir

Editorial Review - - Harvey Freedenberg

If you find yourself in the midst of Christopher Hitchens's memoir and he hasn't said something to anger, inspire, or at least annoy you, wait a few pages. More the account of an intellectual and political odyssey than a conventional autobiography, HITCH22 chronicles the criticjournalistactivist's often stormtossed journey across the ideological spectrum. What makes it a most rewarding trip is ... Read full review

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I have the audiobook and listened during jogging. If you know the Hitch, you understand easily, what this book is about.
He makes it so easy to like him, even you disagree with some of his views. An
I think it is wrong to say, that he changed his positions over time - not at all. I think he rather continuously applied his holistic knowledge of history and his liking of other disciplines of human affairs to contemporary situations. This, I think made him a successful writer and journalist.
No doubt, he was an extremely gifted speaker, without becoming like his party colleague and live-long enemy Gallagher.
This book helps to understand him, even, if you are not an atheist.

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In his Love, Poverty, and War he mentions the battle of Jutland with the wrong year (1915 as opposed to 1916). An odd mistake, considering the story he tells of a relative who fought in the action, whose ship sunk, and who saved a life in the process. A simple typo perhaps? He mentions the year 1900 in this book and make the same mistake, yet again with the next sentence, "15 years later, at the battle of Jutland...". I enjoy Hitchens writing immensely, but I am always surprised by the careless errors in the timeline.  

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