Christianity: the One, the Many: What Christianity Might Have Been and Could Still Become, Volume 1

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Xlibris Corporation, Feb 14, 2008 - Religion - 390 pages
What is Christianity? Who was Jesus Christ? What relevance does Christianity have in a post-Christian age? Why are there so many Christian sects, and what are the prospects for bringing them together? Does Christianity have a future? Am I a Christian? Are you? The two volumes of Christianity: the One, the Many, offer encouraging answers and options for modern spiritual seekers. This first volume focuses on the life and teachings of Jesus and the evolution of Christianity over its first millennium. The institutional church of the Middle Ages imposed standardized beliefs and practices in place of the spontaneity and pluralism of apostolic times. But standardization was never complete, and alternative religious forms survived. The Gnostic, Celtic, Coptic, and Cathar Churches represent important variants. Finally, in the 11th century, mainstream Christianity split into western and eastern branches. The organizational structure, clerical roles, doctrines and religious practices of the medieval church are studied in some detail, laying groundwork for the examination of western Christianity in Volume 2. The major variants are discussed, as well as the development of the Eastern Orthodox Churches through modern times. The exploration of religious forms that may be less familiar to western readers provides a glimpse into how Christianity as a whole might have developedand directions it could take in the future. Insertion of little-known facts helps bring the historical survey alive. A masterpiece of research, insight and faith A must-read for believers and nonbelievers alike. Now I know theres a place in Christianity for me

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Author Bio John Francis Nash earned his Ph.D. degree from the University of London before immigrating to the United States in the 1960s. After a varied career in science, business, and higher education, he “retired” to write and teach philosophy and religion. Dr. Nash has published 12 books and numerous articles in multiple fields. His most recent books were Quest for the Soul and The Soul and its Destiny. Recent articles discussed the Trinity, spiritual healing, and religious ritual. Nash founded and serves as editor of the international Esoteric Quarterly. He has lectured and conducted workshops in the United States and Europe.

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