Annual Report of the Indiana State Board of Agriculture, Volume 56, Part 1906

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State Board of Agriculture, 1906 - Agriculture
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Page 5 - Returned by the Auditor of State, with above certificate, and transmitted to Secretary of State for publication, upon the order of the Board of Commissioners of Public Printing and Binding. CHAS. E. WILSON, Private Secretary. . Filed in the office of the Secretary of State of the State of Indiana, December 6, 1898.
Page 575 - ... in incipient stages, and is being or may be treated successfully, and he shall have reason to believe that it may be entirely cured, then he may in his discretion omit to destroy or order the destruction of the colonies or hives in which the disease exists.
Page 773 - Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
Page 687 - Besides contributing a large portion of sugar, mucilage, and other nutritive compounds in the form of food, they contain such a fine combination of vegetable acids, extractive substances, and aromatic principles, with the nutritive matter, as to act powerfully in the capacity of refrigerants, tonics, and antiseptics ; and when freely used at the season of ripeness by rural laborers and others, they prevent debility, strengthen digestion, correct the putrefactive tendencies of nitrogenous food, avert...
Page 5 - Received by the Governor, examined and referred to the Auditor of State for verification of the financial statement. ^ OFFICE OF AUDITOR OF STATE, \ INDIANAPOLIS, IND., December 30, 1896.
Page 556 - From eighty to ninety per ct. of a fruit crop is water; the food used in the foliage is returned to the soil. The percentage of solid matter is much greater in farm crops. 2. Trees have a preparatory season of several years before they begin bearing. Farm crops come and go in a season. 3. The growing season for trees is long, from early spring to late fall. It is comparatively short for farm crops. 4. The roots go down and spread out in the case of tree fruits but are comparatively restricted with...
Page 720 - University in connection therewith, and making an appropriation therefor. Section 1. Be it enacted by the...
Page 612 - The sod-mulch soil is less well aerated. In the experiments we are carrying on I have not attempted to secure evidence on this point. It is obvious that sod interferes with the air supply in the ground beneath it and it is not hard to believe that such interference would hinder the proper development and prevent the proper work of roots. The muffler of mulch which forms a part of this system of orchard management would of course intensify the deleterious effects of the sod in the above respect.
Page 554 - It is important that the fruit of all of the varieties planted have value as it is not worth while to encumber land with a sort fit only for a pollinator. Contrary to a very general notion the fruits themselves are not greatly changed, if at all. by cross-pollination. Pruning is almost prehistoric in origin and is popularly supposed to be the kindergarten operation in fruit growing, yet as now practiced it is a hit-and-miss cutting, sawing, chopping and shearing out of shoots, twigs, branches and...
Page 554 - Fruit does not set in this region for most part because of frosts, cold weather, rains and heavy winds at blooming time, but still there are some varieties of pears, apples, grapes and plums, at least, that are self-sterile. The remedy is mixed planting of varieties that bloom at the same time. It is important that the fruit of all of the varieties planted have value as it is not worth while to encumber land with a sort fit only for a pollinator. Contrary to a very general notion the fruits themselves...

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