Public health reports (1881). v. 32 pt. 2, Volume 32, Part 2, Issues 27-52

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Surgeon General, 1918
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Page 1955 - No person, firm, association, or corporation shall within the city of produce, sell, offer or expose for sale, or have in possession with intent to sell any milk or milk product which is adulterated or misbranded.
Page 1123 - An Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States suffering injuries while in the performance of their duties, and for other purposes", approved September 7, 1916, as amended, shall extend to persons given employment under the provisions of this Act.
Page 1125 - President of the United States for military and other reservations of the Government of the United States, are hereby placed under the control of the Government of said Islands to be administered for the benefit of the inhabitants thereof, except as provided in this Act.
Page 1123 - ... disability has arisen, and for a reasonable time thereafter, the United States shall furnish to such employee reasonable medical, surgical, and hospital services and supplies unless he refuses to accept them. 'Such services and supplies shall be furnished by United States medical officers and hospitals, but where this is not practicable shall be furnished by private physicians and hospitals designated or approved by the commission and paid for from the employees
Page 2075 - No barber shall shave any person when the surface to be shaved is inflamed or broken out, or contains pus, unless such person be provided with a cup and lather brush for his individual use.
Page 1723 - Agent. — Bacillus typhosus. 2. Source of Infection.— Bowel discharges and urine of infected individuals. Healthy carriers are common. 3. Mode of Transmission. — Conveyance of the specific organism by direct or indirect contact with a source of infection. Among indirect means of transmission are contaminated water, milk and shellfish.
Page 2008 - ... shall not be conveyed in the mails or delivered from any post office or by any letter carrier.
Page 1697 - An act granting additional quarantine powers and imposing additional duties upon the Marine Hospital Service...
Page 1125 - Act, except such land or other property as has heretofore been designated by the President of the United States for Military and other reservations of the Government of the United States...
Page 1709 - ... 6. Methods of control: (A) The infected individual and his environment — 1. Recognition of the disease — Clinical symptoms, confirmed by bacteriological examination or serum reaction.

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