Apollodorus: The Library, Volume 2

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W. Heinemann, 1921 - Bibliography - 546 pages
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Page 358 - And Jephthah vowed a vow unto the LORD, and said, If thou shalt without fail deliver the children of Ammon into mine hands, then it shall be, that whatsoever cometh forth of the doors of my house to meet me, when I return in peace from the children of Ammon, shall surely be the LORD'S, and I will offer it up for a burnt offering.
Page 275 - They told me this fire, round was an effectual means to preserve both the mother and the infant from the power of evil spirits...
Page 373 - Conall, it's long since my knife is rusting in my pouch waiting for thy tender flesh.' ' Och !' said I, ' it's not much thou wilt be bettered by me, though thou should'st tear me asunder ; I will make but one meal for thee. But I see that thou art -one-eyed. I am a good leech, and I will give thee the sight of the other eye.
Page 374 - I put my legs in place of his legs, and my hands in place of his fore legs, and my head in place of his head, and the horns on top of my head, so that the brute might think that it was the buck. I went out. When I was going out the giant laid his hand on me, and he said, ' There thou art thou pretty buck; thou seest me, but I see thee not.
Page 277 - Pawangs are not permitted to appear in such circumstances, and mid wives are not known amongst them. It is reported that in several tribes, the children, as soon as born, are carried to the nearest rivulet, where they are washed, then brought back to the house, where a fire is kindled, incense of kamunian wood thrown upon it, and the child then passed over it several times. We know from history that the practice of passing children over fire was in all times much practised among heathen nations ;...
Page 151 - ... Pirithous seated on chairs etc. In the recently-discovered Epitome of Apollodorus it is said that when Theseus arrived in hell with his friend Pirithous to carry off Proserpine, he was outwitted ; for in the expectation of receiving friendly presents they sat down on the chair of Forgetfulness (Lethe), to which they grew and were held fast by coils of serpents.
Page 340 - The father's song which he sings when cleaning himself is an invitation for the salmon to come, and is sung in their praise. On hearing this song, and seeing the images and masks, the salmon are believed to come in great numbers to see the twins. Therefore the birth of twins is believed to indicate a good salmon year. If the salmon should fail to come in large numbers it is considered proof that the children •will soon die. Twins are forbidden to catch salmon, nor must they eat or handle fresh...
Page 339 - Numerous regulations refer to the birth of twins. The parents of twins must build a small hut in the woods, far from the village. There they have to stay two years. The father must continue to clean himself by bathing in ponds for a whole year, and must keep his face painted red.
Page 373 - I would give its sight to the other one, till I left them as bad as each other ; and surely it was easier to spoil the one that was well than to give sight to the other. "When he 'saw' that he could not see a glimpse, and when I myself...
Page 25 - Some say that Helen was a daughter of Nemesis and Zeus; for that she, flying from the arms of Zeus, changed herself into a goose, but Zeus in his turn took the likeness of a swan and so enjoyed her; and as the fruit of their loves she laid an egg, and a certain shepherd found it in the groves and brought it to Leda.

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