The Races of Europe: A Sociological Study (Lowell Institute Lectures)

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D. Appleton and Company, 1899 - Acclimatization - 624 pages
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Page 626 - A man whose brilliancy is so constant as that of Prof. Huxley will always command readers; and the utterances which are here collected are not the least in weight and luminous beauty of those with which the author has long delighted the reading World.
Page 630 - We are always glad to meet Mr. Clodd. He is never dull ; he is always well informed, and he says what he has to say with clearness and precision. . . . The interest intensifies as Mr. Clodd attempts to show the part really played in the growth of the doctrine of evolution by men like Wallace, Darwin, Huxley, and Spencer. . . . We commend the book to those who want to know what evolution really means.
Page 629 - A biographical history of science in America, noteworthy for its completeness and scope. ... All of the sketches are excellently prepared and unusually interesting."— Chicago Record. "One of the most valuable contributions to American literature recently made. . . . The pleasing style in which these sketches are written, the plans taken to secure accuracy, and the information conveyed, combine to give them great value and interest. No better or more inspiring reading could be placed m the hands...
Page 629 - ... which our own knowledge enables us to. form an opinion. ... In general, it seems to us that the handy volume is specially to be commended for setting in just historical perspective many of the earlier scientists who are neither very generally nor very well known." — New York Evening Post. "A wonderfully interesting volume. Many a young man will find it fascinating. The compilation of the book is a work well done, well worth the doing.
Page 626 - The connected arrangement of the essays which their reissue permits brings into fuller relief Mr. Huxley's masterly powers of exposition. Sweeping the subject-matter clear of all logomachies, he lets the light of common day fall upon it. He shows that the place of hypothesis in science, as the starting point of verification of the phenomena to be explained, is but an extension of the assumptions which underlie actions in everyday affairs ; and that the method of scientific investigation is only...
Page 110 - The curve for the Scotch, taken from the Report of the Anthropometric Committee of the British Association for the Advancement of Science for 1883, has been arbitrarily corrected to correspond to the metric system employed by Dr. Livi in the other curves. A centimetre is roughly equal to 0.4 of an inch.
Page 629 - A book whose interest and value are not for to-day or to-morrow, but for indefinite time.
Page 599 - in the present state of things is an abstract conception, a notion of continuity in discontinuity, of unity in diversity. It is the rehabilitation of a real but directly unattainable thing.
Page 627 - ... EDITION OF SPENCER'S ESSAYS. C-SSAYS: Scientific, Political, and Speculative. By •*—* HERBERT SPENCER. A new edition, uniform with Mr. Spencer's other works, including Seven New Essays. Three volumes, I2mo, 1,460 pages, with full Subject-Index of twenty-four pages. Cloth, $6.00, CONTENTS OF VOLUME I. The Development Hypothesis. The Social Organism. Progress : its Law and Cause. The Origin of Animal Worship. Transcendental Physiology. Morals and Moral Sentiments, The Nebular Hypothesis. The...
Page 629 - ... and initiated the movement through which American science has reached its present commanding position. This book gives some account of these men, their early struggles, their scientific labors, and, whenever possible, something of their personal characteristics. This information, often very difficult to obtain, has been collected from a great variety of sources, with the utmost care to secure accuracy. It is presented in a series of sketches, some fifty in all, each with a single exception accompanied...

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