The Shocking Truth

Front Cover, Jun 11, 2015 - Body, Mind & Spirit
Published in 1969, The Shocking Truth is Albert Coe's tale of how he was enjoying some fishing in a remote rural location who happened to stumble across an alien (who looked human) in distress with an injured leg. The alleged alien was called Zret, which was short for Xretsmi, which is Mister X spelled backwards. There were a couple of alleged encounters near Lake Mahopac, Coe states. The alien was, of course, friendly, and reportedly travelled all the way from Tau Ceti to pass on information such as that "only in the teachings of Christ can we determine an essence of the true universal God.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - A Canoe Trip and Chance Meeting
Chapter 2 - Invitation to Lunch
Chapter 3 - The Fishing Trip and Offer of Teaching
Chapter 4 - Zret Talks of his Ancestors
Chapter 5 - Tau Ceti and Norca
Chapter 6 - Notations of Later Study Sessions with Zret the Transmigration of Solar Systems
Chapter 7 - The Survivors
Chapter 8 - A Voluntary Mission

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