Illusions of Security: Global Surveillance and Democracy in the Post-9/11 World

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City Lights Books, 2007 - History - 305 pages

* Did you know that your government is watching you?

* That it buys personal data from private contractors and foreign governments?

* That it collects this information to predict whether you might be a terrorist?

* That if you are singled out, no one may be able to help you?

The government is spying on us, accessing our email, our bank records, and our cell phone calls. Maureen Webb exposes the shadowy global network of surveillance that is infringing on the privacy and civil rights of people worldwide. Biometrics, chip implants, abductions, and torture are no longer sci-fi; they are in practice today and paid for with our taxes. Maureen Webb shows us the scope of the problem and how to resist.

Praise for Illusions of Security:

Maureen Webb pulls all the pieces together special rendition, no-fly lists, biometric surveillance, warrant-less wiretaps, torture to create a harrowing picture of post 9-11 state repression. This valuable guide makes clear how dramatically civil liberties have been attacked in recent years. Christian Parenti, author of The Freedom: Shadows and Hallucinations in Occupied Iraq, The Soft Cage and Lockdown America

"Through the various 'frozen scandals' of the War on Terror from extraordinary rendition to torture to warrant-less wiretapping and surveillance runs a single theme: the Bush Administration's obsessive concern with 'the preemption of risk.' In Illusions of Security, Maureen Webb manages to construct a broader, compelling narrative out of what had seemed the isolated abuses of a single government, and to follow that grim narrative fearlessly where it leads: to a darker, less democratic and more frightening future." Mark Danner, author of Torture and Truth: America, Abu Ghraib and the War on Terror

"'Your government is spying on you, and it's going to get worse until we do something about it, is Maureen Webb's message in her brilliant, much needed new book. In measured, lucid detail, Webb presents a wide-ranging account of the emerging global network of surveillance that is infringing on the personal privacy and civil liberties of people in the United States and worldwide." Nadine Strossen, President, ACLU


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The U S Presidents
Preemption of Risk
Chapter FourPreemption and Globalized
Chapter FiveBiometric Registration of Alien
Chapter SixThe Creation of a Global
Chapter SevenThe Creation of an Infrastructure
Global Surveillance of Electronic
Chapter NineThe Linkage of National
Chapter TwelveThe Corporate Security Complex
Chapter ThirteenThe End of Democracy?
Chapter FourteenA Loss of Moral CompassAbduction
Chapter FifteenIllusions of Security
About the Author

Chapter TenThe Dangers of a RiskAssessment Model
Chapter ElevenIntegration of Security Functions

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About the author (2007)

Maureen Webb is a Canadian human rights lawyer and activist. She was a litigator for some of the first constitutional cases heard under Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including the landmark freedom of association case, Lavigne and a case challenging the powers of Canada's newly instituted spy agency, CSIS.

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