The Poetical Works of Sir David Lyndsay of the Mount: Lion King at Arms, Under James V.

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1806 - English poetry - 470 pages
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Page 281 - But who is this ? what thing of sea or land ? Female of sex it seems, That, so bedeck'd, ornate, and gay, Comes this way, sailing...
Page 424 - On thame that dois tramp down thy gracious word, And hes ane deidlie indignatioun, At them, quha maks maist trew narratioun : Suffer me not, Lord, mair to be molest, Gude Lord, I mak the supplicatioun, With thy unfriends let me nocht be supprest.
Page 238 - How happinnis now your tribulatioun ? Allace, quod he, thow seis how it dois stand With me, and quhow I am disherisit Of all my grace, and mon pass of Scotland, And go, afore quhare I was cherisit.
Page 136 - Scotish writers have adorned the present period with a degree of sentiment, and spirit, a command of phraseology, and a fertility of imagination not to be found in any English poet since Chaucer and Lydgate.
Page 309 - ... one gret cannoun The dolent deith, allace ! did hym devore. One thyng thare bene, of quhilk I marvell more, That Fortune had at hym sic mortall feid1 Throuch fyftie thousand, to waill2 him by the heid.
Page 365 - I ferlie how he fra us went : I trow he hes impediment, That lettis him nocht gang. WANTONNES. I left Solace, that same greit loun. Drinkand into the burrows toun, It will cost him halfe of ane croun, Althocht he had na mair. And als hee said, he wald gang see 130 Fair Ladie Sensualitie, The beriall of all bewtie, And portratour preclair.
Page 284 - I say no more, gude Redaris may descryve His worthy workis, in nowmer mo than fyve ; And speciallye, the trew Translatioun Of Virgill, quhilk bene consolatioun To cunnyng men, to knaw his gret ingyne, Als weill in naturall science as devyne. " And, in the Courte, bene present, in thir dayis, That ballattis brevis lustellie, and layis, Quhilkis tyll our Prince daylie thay do present. Quho can say more than Schir James Inglis sayis, In ballattis, farses, and in plesand playis ? Bot Culrose hes his...
Page 21 - Mount, lyon-herald, which caused a great cloud come out of the heavens above the gate, and open instantly, and there appeared a fair lady, most like an angel, having the keys of Scotland in her hands, and delivered them to the queen, in sign and token that all the hearts of Scotland were open to receive her grace...
Page 378 - Sandie Solace, And bring that Ladie to this place, Or els I am bot lost. Commend me to that sweitest thing, And present hir with this same ring, And say, I ly in languisching, Except scho mak remeid. With siching sair, I am bot schent, Without scho cum incontinent, 390 My heavie langour to relent, And saif me now fra deid.
Page 449 - And quhen the King stands at his counsell sound, Then welth sail wax and plentie as he list, And policie sail in his Realme abound...

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