Calendar, Part 2

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Page 721 - Student respectively, and of the persons not yet matriculated whose names have been entered for an examination under the provisions of this Section, and to see that no candidate is admitted to examination or to any of the privileges of a Junior or Senior Student who has not satisfied the conditions of the Section.
Page 720 - First and the Second Public Examination, but has not obtained Honours either in the First or in the Second Public Examination, shall be entitled to supplicate for the degree of Bachelor of Arts so soon as he shall have kept statutable residence for twelve Terms.
Page 722 - Examination. 5. The Examination of Candidates for Honours in Greek and Latin Literature in the First Public Examination. 6. The Preliminary Examination in the Honour School of Jurisprudence, provided that the Candidate satisfies the Examiners in a Greek book in that Examination. 7. Group A. i of the Examination of Candidates who do not seek Honours in the Second Public Examination.
Page 721 - It shall be the duty of the Hebdomadal Council to draw up a statement of the conditions under which a member of a University which has been admitted to the privileges of this Statute shall be deemed to have shown a sufficient, knowledge of the Greek language in the examinations of his University. Every such statement shall be submitter!
Page 675 - Mahomedan law relating to marriage, dower, divorce, legitimacy, and guardianship of minors, according to the Soonnees.
Page 719 - Science, may be admitted to the status and privileges of an Indian Junior Student. 5. Any member of a University so admitted, who shall have pursued at that University a course of study prescribed by it and extending over three full years, and who shall have taken Honours in the final examination incident to the course, may be admitted to the status and privileges of a Colonial or Indian Senior Student6.
Page 720 - The status and privileges of a Senior Student shall be as follows: — (a) The Term in which he is matriculated shall be reckoned, for the purposes of any provisions respecting the standing of members of the University, as the fifth Term from his matriculation. (b...
Page 720 - University so admitted shall be deemed to have taken Honours as aforesaid. Every such statement, if approved by Convocation, shall have the force of regulations made by Statute.
Page 665 - The applicant is required to state, generally in a preface to his dissertation and specifically in notes, the sources from which his information is taken, the extent to which he has availed himself of the work of others, and the portions of the dissertation which he claims as original.
Page 720 - Second Class in that examination, shall be deemed to have taken Honours as required by the provisions of Statt. Tit. II, Sec.

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