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Lonely Planet, Sep 15, 2010 - Travel - 452 pages
Lonely Planet Iran
Pause on the Grand Stairway at Persepolis and imagine trumpeters heralding your arrival
Indulge in rosewater ice cream as you stroll between centuries-old bridges in Esfahan
Believe it when you see it: check out the world's most unexpected ski resorts
Rent a room with a view in a mountain village and watch life unfold as it has for centuries
In This Guide:
Two authors, five months of on-the-ground research, 379 invitations to tea
Packed with tips for overlanders, women, and solo travelers
Incorporates Farsi words and script throughout
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That seems to be an interesting book, even for me as an Iranian! There are loads of information I don't know about.
I took a brief look at the food section and I found some tiny errors.
- As far as
I am concerned, no matter hot or cold, in the past the "true" food was that including red meat while chicken was more popular with lower-income families. Still today, when you become weak of a sickness or flu, people would encourage you to eat some kebab to get some strength!
- Too much cold and too much hot food can both be unhealthy! Cold food "might" upset stomach especially in people having a cold nature, while hot food "might" bring acne, eczema or other skin problems for hot-natured people. For instance, my nature is hot, I can easily eat tons of yogurt and cucumber (both cold) and still be OK, while I ended up in hospital once due to eating too much peanut butter.
- Starters, apart from a variety of soups and "aash", can also include "kashk-e bademjun" or "mirza-ghasemi" -whatever in small portion served with bread. Salads are not necessarily prefabricated and radioactive pink! They are not typically served as a starter either. You can eat them beside your rice and stew.
- "tandir" is a special type of bread cooked in some villages. The clay oven is called "tanoor".
- "khoresht" is never ever served with French fries!!! It is only served with rice. Perhaps, you have mistaken "khoresht gheymeh" in which fried potatoes are added before serving with rice.
- Eggplants are no way found in "fesenjun".
- Fish of the Caspian Sea are sweeter and more delicate respect to the Persian Gulf ones. They taste awesome when stuffed with walnuts and herbs.
- For those who do not like sugar cubes or "ghand"s, tea would go very well with dates.

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best rugs and carpets in india.

About the author (2010)

Andrew has spent eight months travelling in Iran in recent years. Apart from enjoying endless tea and unforgettable hospitality, he has written about Iran for the previous edition of this book, for Lonely Planet's Middle East guide, and reported the 2003 Bam earthquake and Iran's last two general elections for major newspapers. Despite 'misunderstandings' that have led to occasional short stays with the constabulary, Andrew believes Iranians are among the most hospitable people on earth. This is Andrew's 15th book for Lonely Planet. When he's not travelling Andrew lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

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