BORN ON A BLUE DAY: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant

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A riveting account of living with autism.Tammet, a 27-year-old Brit, is a highly functional autistic individual and something of a genius when it comes to numbers—he's a terrific chess player and knows over 22,000 digits of pi. Here, he chronicles his often confusing childhood and his successful adult life. As a schoolboy, he felt isolated: Autistic children tend toward literalism, and they have ... Read full review

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An excellent read! Found not put it down. Recommended to anyone who seeks a general understanding of what it means to be autistic.

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A great read.

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I thought this was a fantastic book and something that every teacher should read to help them better understand all of the students in their classroom. I am a first year teacher and I know that autisim is a growing problem in the world around us. This helped me to better understand some of my students that have this as well as reminding me that all students learn in different ways and we have to remember that even on those days when we want to take the easy way out because we are just that tired. 

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Amazing book. Mind blowing to read about how he visualizes numbers!

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