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What is written about Elizabeth Packard is completely inaccurate. If the author had done a little more research into her life, he would know that Mrs. Packard was not released from the Illinois asylum after a court trial. The court trial actually related to her husband locking her up in her own home AFTER her release after 3 yrs in the asylum. This is because she maintained her own views of Calvinism, and a woman was not supposed to speak her mind back then - it was considered "CRAZY." When a neighbor of the Packards brought the matter of Mr. Packard imprisoning his wife in their home, the judge ordered her appearance the next day in his chamber. So many inaccuracies in the description of Elizabeth Packard in this book - right down to describing her as saying that she was one of the Holy Trinity. If the author did his research he would have tried to understand her view of herself as the "embodiment" of the Holy Spirit. In other words, she saw that the Holy Spirit would try to work through her. Which is not a crazy thought at all. This women was a hero in her day and I detest the idea of someone describing her as a whack job. How about writing about all the husbands who committed their wives at their own whim -- because she wouldn't do the housework...or she talks back too much....only to marry some new pretty little thing a month later? Ugh. 

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