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Natural History Museum, 2009 - Arachnida - 320 pages
"Arachnids is a detailed guide to this diverse and complex group of invertebrates. Although the term 'arachnophobia' means the fear of spiders, the class of Arachnida does not consist of spiders alone. It also contains ten other orders including harvestmen, ticks and mites, scorpions, palpigrades, schizomids and others which are lesser known." "Museum Curator Jan Beccaloni explores each of the eleven orders, their varied habitats and their often complex relationships. She also explains arachnid courtship, feeding techniques, defence strategies, silk production, as well as the unusual practice of autotomy - the deliberate shedding of a body part." "This accessible reference will appeal to arachnid enthusiasts and those with a wider interest in the natural world." --Book Jacket.

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