Latter-day Pamphlets

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C. Scribner's sons, 1901 - Great Britain - 355 pages

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Page 240 - I do not like thee, Dr Fell. The reason why I cannot tell, But this I know, I know full well, I do not like thee, Dr Fell.
Page 78 - And if no man could now see it by any Bible, there is written in the heart of every man an authentic copy of it direct from Heaven itself : there, if he have learnt to decipher Heaven's writing, and can read the sacred oracles (a sad case for him if he altogether cannot), every born man may still find some copy of it.
Page 45 - Connaught, to ditto Munster, Leinster, Ulster, I will lead you : to the English fox-covers, furze-grown Commons, New Forests, Salisbury Plains : likewise to the Scotch Hill-sides, and bare rushy slopes, which as yet feed only sheep...
Page 346 - I know by that symptom, better than by any other, what kind of man you yourself are. For you show me there what your ideal of manhood is ; what kind of man you long inexpressibly to be, and would thank the gods, with your whole soul, for being if you could.!
Page 345 - Nevertheless, in the inexplicable universal votings and debatings of these Ages, an idea or rather a dumb presumption to the contrary has gone idly abroad ; and at this day, over extensive tracts of the world, poor human beings are to be found, whose practical belief it is that if we
Page 317 - my ' share ? " Ah ! there in fact lies the grand difficulty ; upon which Pig science, meditating this long while, can settle absolutely nothing. My share — hrumph ! — my share is, on the whole, whatever I can contrive to get without being hanged or sent to the hulks. For there are gibbets, treadmills, I need not tell you, and rules which Lawyers have prescribed. '11. "Who are Lawyers?
Page 27 - British industrial existence seems fast becoming one huge poison-swamp of reeking pestilence physical and moral ; a hideous living Golgotha of souls and bodies buried alive ; such a Curtius' gulf, communicating with the Nether Deeps, as the Sun never saw till now.
Page 260 - The world in all departments and aspects of it were a perfect world ; everywhere administered by the best wisdom discernible in it, everywhere enjoying the exact maximum of success and felicity possible for it. Imperfectly, and not perfectly done, we know this duty must always be. Not done at all ; no longer remembered as a thing which God and Nature and the Eternal Voices do require to be done, — alas, we see too well what kind of a world that ultimately makes for us ! A world no longer habitable...
Page 318 - Proposition," as he calls it: — "51. 'What are Bishops?' Overseers of souls. — 'What is a soul ? ' The thing that keeps the body alive. —
Page 313 - Horrible," yes : how could it be other than horrible ? Like the valley of Jehoshaphat, it lies round us, one nightmare wilderness, and wreck of deadmen's bones, this false modern world ; and no rapt Ezekiel in prophetic vision imaged to himself things sadder, more horrible and terrible, than the eyes of men, if they are awake, may now JESUITISM.

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