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Page 132 - This species infests a great variety of plants, and is to be found throughout our country from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Page 68 - ... Bragg, who had just arrived from the left, was ordered at once into battery. Without any infantry to support him, and at the imminent risk of losing his guns, this officer came rapidly into action, the Mexican line being but a few yards from the muzzle of his pieces. The first discharge of canister caused the enemy to hesitate, the second and third drove him back in disorder, and saved the day.
Page 57 - ... defensive. This will be infinitely painful to you, and for that reason distressing to me. But I rely upon your patriotism to submit to the temporary sacrifice with cheerfulness. No man can better afford to do so. Recent victories place you on that high eminence, and I even flatter my-self that any benefit that may result to me personally from the unequal division of troops alluded to will lessen the pain of your consequent inactivity. You will be aware of the recent call for nine regiments of...
Page 58 - The first step in the new movement was to carry Chapultepec, a natural and isolated mound, of great elevation, strongly fortified at its base, on its acclivities, and heights. Besides a numerous garrison, here was the military college of the republic, with a large number of sub-lieutenants and other students. Those works were within direct gun-shot of the village of Tacubaya, and, until carried, we could not approach the city on the west, without making a circuit too wide and too hazardous.
Page 167 - Wool my obligations are especially due. The high state of discipline and instruction of several of the volunteer regiments was attained under his command, and to his vigilance and arduous service before the action, and his gallantry and activity on the field, a large share of our success may justly be attributed.
Page 65 - Illinois, under Colonel Hardin, gallantly drove the enemy, and recovered a portion of the ground we had lost. The batteries of Captains Sherman and Bragg were in position on the plateau, and did much execution, not only in front, but particularly upon the masses which had gained our rear. Discovering...
Page 23 - ... had to do, the obligations of patriotism, justice, humanity, and religion. It would not be easy to find among us a man. who has won a purer fame ; and I am happy to offer this tribute, because I would do something, no matter how little, to hasten the time, when the spirit of Christian humanity shall be accounted an essential attribute and the brightest ornament in a public man.
Page 130 - One attempt to cross was made at the village bridge, another at the upper bridge, and a third at a ford about three miles from the works. At the two first he was repulsed by the regulars — at the ford by the brave volunteers and militia, where he suffered severely in killed, wounded, and prisoners : a considerable body crossed the stream, but were either killed, taken, or driven back.
Page 84 - He expected then to obey them as interpreters of the will of the people ; and the best proof he could give that he would obey them, was now to observe the orders of those whom the people had already put in the places of authority, to which many gentlemen around him justly aspired.
Page 64 - Cosme gate (custom-house) — between him and the great square in front of the cathedral and palace ; the heart of the city and that barrier, it was known, could not, by daylight, resist our siege guns thirty minutes.

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