Chapters on Jewish Literature

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Jewish Publication Society of America, 1899 - Hebrew literature - 275 pages
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Page 215 - Jews can challenge the aristocracy of every land; if a literature is called rich in the possession of a few classic tragedies — what shall we say to a National Tragedy lasting for fifteen hundred years, in which the poets and the actors were also the heroes ? LEOPOLD ZUNZ, 1855.
Page 278 - The essays have the charm of an attractive style, combined with a subject of great and varied interest."— Independent.
Page 278 - Literary Remains" of EMANUEL DEUTSCH. Boards. 30 cents. (Special Series No. 3. ) " When first published . . . made its author, then one of the underlibrarians at the British Museum, famous, and still remains an admirable short study.
Page 280 - Spectator, London. LOST PRINCE ALMON. — By Louis PENDLETON. Illustrated. 218 pp. 75 cents. " It is a charmingly written story of the little Prince Jehoash, son of Ahaziah, whom the Prince Jehoiada had rescued from the clutches of Athaliah. Our Sunday-school literature is so extremely poor that we hail this volume with particular delight, and we predict that it will soon be one of the most popular gift books for Jewish children.
Page 202 - ... the night the noise is heard at a distance of half a day's journey. There are sources of water which collect themselves in one pool, out of which they water the fields. There are fish in it, and all kinds of clean birds fly round it. And this river of stone and sand rolls during the six working days and rests on the Sabbath day. As soon as the Sabbath begins fire surrounds the river and the flames remain till the next evening, when the Sabbath ends.
Page 281 - The author has attempted to depict faithfully the customs and practices of the Russian people and government in connection with the Jewish population of that country. The book is a strong and wellwritten story.
Page 162 - Twixt man's works and the task set by the King. Unheeding all my sins, I cling to Thee! I know that mercy will Thy footstool be : Before I call, oh ! do Thou answer me, For nothing dare I claim of Thee, my King! O Thou Who makest guilt to disappear, My help, my hope, my rock, I will not fear ; Though Thou the body hold in dungeon drear, The soul has found the palace of the King.
Page 277 - CE). 743 pp. Vol. V. From the Chmielnicki Persecution in Poland (1648 CE) to the Present Time. 766 pp. Vol. VI. Containing a Memoir of the Author by Dr.
Page 277 - With three Maps, a Frontispiece, and Chronological Tables. 388 pp. Library Edition, $1.00; School Edition, 75 cents. "The entire work is one of great interest; it Is written with moderation, and yet with a fine enthusiasm for the great race which is set before the reader's mind.
Page 110 - And though Thou seekest out my sin, From Thee to Thee I fly to win A place of refuge, and within Thy shadow from Thy anger hide, Until Thy wrath be turned aside.

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