Road Making and Maintenance: A Practical Treatise for Engineers, Surveyors, and Others

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C. Griffin, Limited, 1900 - Pavements - 440 pages

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Page 67 - Destructive Distillation— Artificial Manure— Petroleum— Lime and Cement — Clay and Glass — Sugar and Starch — Brewing and Distilling — Oils, Resins, and Varnishes— Soap and Candles — Textiles and Bleaching — Colouring Matters, Dyeing, and Printing — Paper and Pasteboard — Pigments and Paints — Leather, Glue, and Size — Explosives and Matches — Minor Manufactures. • • Certainly a GOOD and USEFUL BOOK, constituting a PRACTICAL GUIDE for students by affording a clear...
Page 35 - Cannot but prove an acquisition to those studying Navigation." — Marine Engineer. Practical Mechanics : Applied to the requirements of the Sailor. By THOS. MACKENZIE, Master Mariner, FRAS SECOND EDITION, Revised.
Page 44 - Flesh Foods : With Methods for their Chemical, Microscopical, and Bacteriological Examination. A Handbook for Medical Men, Inspectors, Analysts, and others. By C. AINSWORTH MITCHELL, BA, FIC, Mem. Council Soc. of Public Analysts. With numerous Illustrations and a coloured Plate.
Page 49 - RESEARCHES ON THE PAST AND PRESENT HISTORY OF THE EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE. Including the latest Discoveries and their Practical Applications. BY DR. THOMAS LAMB PHIPSON. PART I. — The Earth's Atmosphere in Remote Geological Periods. PART II. — The Atmosphere of our present period. Appendices; Index. " The book should prove of interest to general readers, as well as to meteorologists and other students of science.
Page 10 - I actually measured four feet deep, and floating with mud only from a wet summer ; what therefore must it be after a winter ? The only mending it receives is tumbling in some loose stones, which serve no other purpose than jolting a carriage in the most intolerable manner. These are not merely opinions, but facts ; for I actually passed three carts, broken down, in these eighteen miles of execrable memory.
Page 36 - Ropes, Knots, Splicing, &c. — Gear, Lead and Log, &c. — Rigging, Anchors — Sailmaking — The Sails, &c. — Handling of Boats under Sail — Signals and Signalling— Rule of the Road— Keeping and Relieving Watch — Points of Etiquette — Glossary of Sea Terms and Phrases — Index. ** The volume contains the NEW RULES OF THE ROAD. " This ADMIRABLE MANUAL, by OAPT. WILSON-BARKER of the ' Worcester,' seems to us PERFECTLY DESIGNED, and holds its place excellently in
Page 40 - The little book will be found EXCEEDINGLY HANDY by most officers and officials connected with shipping. . . . Mr. Walton's work will obtain LASTING SUCCESS, because of its unique fitness for those for whom it has been written.
Page 36 - Henry VIII.— To Death of Mary— During Elizabeth's Reign— Up to the Reign of William III.— The 18th and 19th Centuries— Institution of Examinations — Rise and Progress of Steam Propulsion — Development of Free Trade— Shipping Legislation, 1862 to 1875— " Locksley Hall" CaseShipmasters' Societies — Loading of Ships — Shipping Legislation, 1884 to 1894 — Statistics of Shipping.
Page 50 - LYON, MA, Professor of Engineering in the Royal College of Science for Ireland ; sometime Superintendent of the Engineering Department in the University of Cambridge; and J. TAYLOR, ARCSI ** Other Volumes, dealing with subjects of PRIMARY IMPORTANCE in the EXAMINATION and UTILISATION of Lands which have not as yet been fully developed, are in preparation.
Page 59 - Typical Metallurgical Processes.— The Micro-Structure •of Metals and Alloys. — Economic Considerations. " No English text-book at all approaches this in the COMPLETENESS with which the most modern views on the subject are dealt with. Professor Austen's volume will be INVALUABLE, not only to the student, but also to those whose knowledge of the art is far advanced.

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