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A comprehensive and beautiful exposition on Ayurveda , the system of Art and science of Healing in India.Ayurveda isa lifestyle which has harmonious wholistic approach to health. The aim of it is not mere treatment of diseases, but a prevention of such diseases happen by a healthy wholistic lifestyle.Increasing immunity and prevention is better than cure. The book deals with the thridosha and thriguna system of philosophy of the Saamkhya which is the basis for Ayurveda .But ayurveda also has its basis on the Vaiseshika of Kanaada ,which deals with paramaanusiddhaantha of all elements. The sabda or sound waves are the only quality which aakaasa has and this is considered as the best medium of healing. saabdikabheshajam is a special branch of Ayurveda and in which the swara and sound waves of music are used to balance the Thriguna/thridosha. Svoboda's book requires special mention since he has tried to have a comprehensive view of Ayurveda , the ancient system of Medicine which is the legacy of the most ancient human race which started its own Gurukula (educational system and universities) for transfer of knowledge systems.
Dr Suvarna Nalapat

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