Annals of the Peninsular Campaigns: From MDCCCVIII to MDCCCXIV.

Carey & Lea, 1831 - 290 páginas

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Página 56 - On all, has cropp'd the rest with ruthless hand, While only I survive of all that band Which one chaste bed did to my father raise : It seems that, like a column left alone, The tottering remnant of some splendid fane, Scaped from the fury of the barbarous Gaul And wasting Time, which has the rest o'erthrown, Amidst our house's ruins I remain Single, unpropp'd, and nodding to my fall.
Página 243 - What would the English government have said, had it been proposed to them to admit the catholic insurgents of Ireland ? France, without having any treaties with them, has been in communication with them, has made them promises, and has frequently sent them succours.
Página 241 - we unite to entreat your Majesty to listen to the voice of humanity, to silence that of the passions ; to seek with the intention of arriving at that object ; to conciliate all interests, and thus, preserving all powers which exist, insure the happiness of Europe and of this generation, at the head of which Providence has placed us.
Página 5 - Ivanhoe pictures of by-gone manners, and all the graceful facility of style and picturesqueness of description of his other charming romances, with a minute fidelity to the facts of history, and a searching scrutiny into their authenticity and relative value, which might put to the blush Mr.
Página 197 - CEbidos, to turn all the enemy's posts on the left of the valley, as well as the right of his post at Roleia: this corps was also destined to watch the motions of General Loison, on the enemy's, right, who, I had heard, had moved from Rio Major towards Alcoentre last night.
Página 5 - Brewster ; and on mechanics, by Lardner ; need be only recommended by the subjects and the writers. An eminent Prelate, of the first rank in science, has undertaken a noble subject which happily combines philosophy with religion. Twelve of the most distinguished naturalists of the age, Fellows of the Linninan and Zoological Societies, are preparing a course of natural history.
Página 5 - Never did work appear at a more fortunate period. The volume before us is a compressed but clear and impartial narrative."— Lit.
Página 5 - The Cyclopaedia, when complete, will form a valuable work of reference, as well as a most entertaining and instructive library. It is an essential principle in every part of it, that it should be clear and easily understood, and that an attempt should everywhere be made to unite accurate information with an agreeable manner of conveying it.
Página 88 - I shall lay down my rights, and place your illustrious crown upon the head of one who resembles me ; securing you a constitution, which will unite the salutary power of the sovereign with the liberties and rights of the Spanish nation. It is my will that my memory shall be blessed by your latest posterity, and that they shall say — He was the restorer of our country ! " Given at Bayonne, 25th May, 1808.
Página 3 - The variety of topics is of course vast, and they are treated in a manner which is at once so full of information and so interesting, that the work, instead of being merely referred to, might be regularly perused with as much pleasure as profit.

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