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Spain entered by a second army.--Farther warlike preparations of
France.--Army of Catalonia.---Bad character of the French troops.-
Army of Murat enters Spain. - Measures of fraud and violence em-
ployed by Napoleon-Sends Charles IV. proposals by Izquierdo... Sit-
uation of Godoy–Advises the Royal Family to emigrate.---Indigna-
tion of the people, and tumult at Aranjuez.- Tumult at Madrid.-De-
position of Godoy, and abdication of the King.–Popularity of Ferdi-
nand, and resolution of the Council of Castile.-Joy at the accession
of Ferdinand–His Ministers—He writes Napoleon.-Murat, the chief
in command of the French armies, enters Madrid-Refuses to ac-
knowledge Ferdinand.-Passive conduct of the government.-Murat
strengthens his position in the capital, and Napoleon finally decrees
the deposition of the Spanish Bourbons.-Ferdinand sends the Infante
Don Carlos to Bayonne, to meet Napoleon, and is drawn on thither
himself-Refuses to abdicate-Announces his intention to return to
his kingdom, and finds his guards doubled.—Godoy–His counsels.-
Charles IV. and the Queen

arrive at Bayonne.-Ferdinand, alternate-

[blocks in formation]

Indignation of the people aroused – Dissensions between them and

the French troops.-Tumult at Toledo.-State of Madrid, and alarm

of the French generals.-Measures of Murat.—Events of the second

of May in Madrid. - The French troops fire on the inhabitants, Their

loyalty and good spirit.-Fate of the patriots, Velarde and Daoiz.-

Severity to the insurgents.-Sullen submission of the people.-Murat

appointed Lieutenant of the kingdom.–Napoleon determines to ele-

vate Joseph to the throne-His address to the Spanish nation. The

people roused, take arms.-Army of the provinces of Asturias, Galli.

cia, Leon, and Estremadura.-Organization of Provincial Juntas-

Their addresses to their countrymen.-Patriotic address of Gallicia.-

Seville assumes a lead.-A Supreme Junta.- War declared against

France.-Communications opened with Portugal, and despatches sent

to the Canaries and South America.—Communications opened with

England through Sir Hew Dalrymple, governor of Gibraltar, and Ad-

miral Purvis.—The people of Cadiz put to death Solano, the governor

of the city, as a traitor to his country.-The French squadron off Ca-

diz surrenders.-General Spencer arrives from Gibraltar with 5000

troops.- Arrival of the Spanish deputies in London.-Enthusiasm of

the British nation in the cause of Spain.-Reflections.— Transactions

in Valencia.-Assassination of the French residing there.-Calvo, his

character, crimes, and fate.- Preparations of Valencia for defence-

Moncey advances against it—His embarrassments—He defeats the

Spaniards at Cabrero-Assaults Valencia-Is repulsed-Retreats.

Forces the passage of Xucar-Reaches Clemente-His blunders and

imbecility-Personal worth of Moncey.

Operations in the northern provinces.-Measures adopted by Mar-
shal Bessieres to preserve tranquillity--Resistance of the peasants.
Defeat of Cuesta.-Surrender of Valladolid.—Merle defeats the patri-
ots and advances to St. Andero.—Operations of Desnouettes against
Aragon.-Character of Palafox.- Operations on Aragon.--Advance
of Lefebvre.--Palafox defeated by him-Enters Zaragoza.--Descrip-

[blocks in formation]

Assembly of the Notables.-Reflections.--Joseph declared King of
Spain.--Servile homage of the Grandees.- Joseph comes to Madrid
--His cold reception.--He is publicly proclaimed.--The French resolve
to retire behind the Ebro.--Reflections.

Landing of the British in Mondego Bay.-Advance to Leiria.--
Situation of the French.--Conduct of the Portuguese authorities.--

View of Spanish affairs. Patriotic spirit of the nation unabated.--
Appointment of a Supreme Junta.–Violent measures of Cuesta.--
Proceedings and character of the Central Junta.--Inefficiency of the
Supreme Sunta.-- Ill-founded confidence of the nation.- Preparations
of Napoleon-His artifices—His message to the Senate, and address
to the army-His conference with the Emperor Alexander at Erfurth.
-Issue of negotiations for peace.-Events in Spain. -Bilboa taken
and retaken.- Arrival of the Marquis of Romana and his army at St.
Andero.-Position of the British and French armies.-Movements of
Palafox and Castanos.--Ney defeats the Spaniards at Logrono.-
Blake defeated by Lefebvre at Zarnoso and other positions.-Opera-
tions of Soult.--Battle of Tudela-Its consequences.--Conduct of Ney.

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