How Do You Light a Fart?: And 150 Other Essential Things Every Guy Should Know about Science

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Adams Media, Apr 18, 2009 - Reference - 240 pages
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Fireworks and grenades.Grills and campfires. Burps and farts.

Men get a kick out of things that go boom, things that cook with fire, and all forms of bodily gas. What they might not know is that science is what makes it all happen. This book answers all the questions guys have about their favorite topics, such as:

  • How do you make a Lifesaver spark?
  • How do you hotwire a car?
  • Why do kegs float?
  • What is PMS?
  • Why doesn't a cell phone work in metal buildings?
Serious science mixed with outrageous humor, this book promises guys the need-to-know info on sports, cars, technology, women, bodily functions, food, and more!

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things every guy should know about 150 things every guy should know about
things that go boom
How Do Firecrackers Explode?
How Is Dynamite Made Safe for Explosions?
How Is an Aerial Firework Display Made?
What Is the Difference Between Dynamite and TNT?
What Is a Snart?
How Does Erectile Dysfunction Work or Not Work?
Can Dead Guys Get Erections?
How Do Disposable Diapers Work?
Why Do Burps Happen?
Is Holding a Sneeze Dangerous?
Why Do People Sneeze When They Walk into Bright Sunlight?
Why Do Men Think about Sex All the Time?

How Does a Large Building Implode into a Neat Pile of Rubble?
How Do Hand Grenades Work?
How Do You Make Butane Lighters Explode?
How Do You Start a Fire in the Woods?
How Does Hollywood Create Car Crashes?
How Do Spaceships Explode?
Can a Flame Be Round?
Are Safety Matches Really Safe?
How Do They Put the Pop in Pop Rocks?
How Do You Make Life Savers Spark?
What Is the Trick to a Trick Candle?
How Do Your Feet Not Burn While Firewalking?
How Do You Breathe Fire?
rev your engines 24 Why Dont Racecar Tires Have Treads? 25 What Is the Advantage of Nitrogen in Tires?
How Does Downforce Help Racers on the Track?
Why Do Dragsters Do a Burnout?
What Is the Difference Between Nitro and Top Fuel?
How Do Smart Walls Work?
What Is a Stolen Vehicle Recovery System?
How Does GPS Work in Your Car?
How Do Antilock Brakes ABS Work?
How Can You Drive on RunFlat Tires?
How Does an Airbag Punch You in the Face?
What Does the Octane Number Mean?
Can You Make Your Own Gasoline?
How Do You HotWire a Car?
What Is the Secret to Digital Chip Keys?
What Is the Difference Between Torque and Horsepower?
How Does a Car SelfPark?
game time
Do Graphite Shafts Help You Hit a Golf Ball Farther?
How Do Large Golf Clubheads Help?
Can ThreePiece Golf Balls Help Your Game?
Why Do They Put Dimples on a Golf Ball?
Why Do Baseballs Curve?
How Does a Knuckleball Work?
Why Are Tennis Balls Fuzzy?
Why Dont the Yellow Lines in Football Broadcasts Slice Through the Players?
Why Are New Tennis Racquets the Size of Rhode Island?
How Do They Create Neat Grass Displays in Stadiums for Sporting Events?
How Does the Cue Ball Come Back in a Bar Game of Pool?
How Do Clothes Wick Away Sweat?
How Does Eye Black Help Athletes?
How Does a Swimsuit Help You Swim Faster?
How Do Aluminum Bats Help Little Leaguers Hit the Ball Farther?
How Can a Bowling Ball Help You Strike Out the Side?
burps farts and the science of sex 68 How Are Farts Created?
Why Do Farts Make a Sound?
Why Do Farts Smell?
How Do You Light a Fart?
What Is the Prostate Probe?
Why Does Hair Grow Out of Our Nose and Ears?
How Does Smiling Conserve Energy?
Why Do We Sleep?
How Does the Internet Work?
How Are 3D Movies Made?
How Does a Plasma TV Work?
How Does an LCD Screen Work?
LCD or Plasma?
Why Will You Miss Your Old
How Does a DVR Pause Live Action Television?
How Does Sound Surround You?
What Are the Benefits of MP3s?
How Does an iPhone Touchscreen Work?
How Do Cell Phones Work?
Can You Use a Cell Phone in a Metal Building?
How Do They Know to Change a Movie Reel in a Theater?
What Is the Best Way to Fix Electronic Devices?
party time tips and tricks
Why Do Kegs Float?
Why Does Ice Sink in a Glass of Bourbon?
What Is the Secret to Layered Drinks?
What Is the Secret to Crushing a Beer Can on Your Forehead?
Why Does the Falling Dollar Trick Work?
What Is the Secret to the UpsideDown Shot Glass?
How Do You Trade Whiskey for Water?
How Do You Pick Up an Ice Cube with a Piece of Hair?
How Do Beer Funnels Work?
What Causes the Donald Duck Helium Effect?
How Do Breathalyzers Work?
Why Wont Alcohol Freeze?
How Do You Freeze a Beer in Thirty Seconds?
mr fixit
How Do LowFlow Toilets Work?
How Has the Plunger Improved in the Last Forty Years?
Why Does the Wind Cause My Toilet Water to Move?
How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?
How Do You Pick a Lock?
How Do You Open a Door with a Credit Card?
What Is the Best Way to Kick in a Door?
How Do Epoxy Glues Work?
How Does Super Glue Work?
How Do Portable Nail Guns Work?
How Do Plasma Cutters Cut?
How Do CFLs Work?
How Do Gun Silencers Work?
Why Does a Whip Crack?

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Bobby Mercer (Rutherfordton, NC) has twenty years of experience as a high school physics teacher. Bobby received his BA in science education from the University of Central Florida and his MA in physics education from the University of Virginia. He is the author of Smash It! Crash It! Launch It!: 50 Mind-blowing Eye-popping Science Experiments; The Leaping, Sliding, Sprinting, Riding Science Book: 50 Super Sports Science Activities; and Quarterback Dad.

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