An introductory grammar of the Latin language, for the use of the younger classes at Cheam school, taken principally from Zumpt

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Page 102 - long in the Genitive singular, in the Nominative and Accusative plural of the fourth declension : and in nouns of the third which have
Page 30 - fuisse, to have been. FUTURE. fore or futurus esse, to be about to be. PARTICIPLE. FUTURE. futurus, about to be.
Page 7 - in as, is, ys, aus and x; in es not increasing in the Genitive, and in s preceded by a consonant, are
Page 97 - The Supine in um is used after Verbs of motion to express the purpose of
Page 91 - the Imperfect and Pluperfect Subjunctive, if the events described depend on each other, so that in English the Participle may be used.
Page 104 - heroic verse) consists of six feet, of which the fifth is a dactyl, and the sixth a spondee
Page 30 - might be, thou mightst be, he might be, we might be, ye might be, they might be.
Page 23 - Verbs have two Numbers, SINGULAR and PLURAL, and three Persons in each Number.
Page 29 - shall or will be, eritis, ye shall or will be, erunt, they shall or will be.
Page 82 - The ABLATIVE is added to Nouns, Verbs, and Participles, to express a circumstance by which they are more

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