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Great extension of Fooled By Randomness

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I read Fooled by Randomness first then I read this one. You don't, however, need to read Fooled by Randomness to enjoy The Black Swan. Not only is Taleb a great writer, he is a better "explainer ... Read full review

Deep thoughts and a great read

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I thoroughly enjoyed 'The Black Swan', I read the book and listened to the audio version. I also heard hear several interviews with NNT since publishing TBS. Lots of deep thoughts about how ... Read full review

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Absolute must read essay on how we should rethink our desire to control or predict the unpredictable: the future.
This book is constantly with me on my Kindle, Iphone or hard copy. It's a reference
and reminder for every instance of 'know-it-alls' talking too much about the future or the past...  

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I've read it several times and can't wait to get the new edition on May 11, 2010.

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Not a review. Just excerpts from the book "The Black Swan"
scalable jobs
adversos mathematicos against the professors sextus
tahfut al falasifa
"This, perhaps, is true self-confidence: the ability to look at the world without the need to find signs that stroke one's ego.*"
TWO IN THE BUSH" - Alan Snyder
"mere absence of nonsense may not be sufficient to make something true"
"If you work in a randomness-laden profession, as we see, you are likely
to suffer burnout effects from that constant second-guessing of your past
actions in terms of what played out subsequently. Keeping a diary is the
least you can do in these circumstances."
Technology is growing faster than we are genetically-able to handle, hence it will either crush us since we are not evolved enough to survive it, or since we are its authors, it will 'plateau'.
Francis Bacon Novum Organum
What I learned Losing a Million Dollars by D. Paul and B. Moynihan
Dissertation on the Search for Truth - Simon Foucher
"The Three Princes of Serendip." Hugh Walpole
henri poincare la science et l'hypothese chaos theory
Latin poet Terence: Homo sum, humani a me nil alienum puto—I am a man, and nothing human is foreign to me

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I really liked this book, it can change a way in which you see world and perhaps even more a way in which you see accomplishment. It also helps to understand some events in finance. Its psychology is based on typical Kahneman and Tversky stuff. The take home idea for me was to increase my exposure to positive black swans and to insure against and be mentally prepared for negative black swans. As was as ease of reading goes, I might have liked Fooled by Randomness more. 

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Ok, this book is f$%king brilliant. Perhaps I feel this way because I have always had sense that people value things in an arbitrary way. I have often seen the failures of modern life and not understood why no one else sees them. Well, other people do see it. I just don't know them.

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I recommend this book everyone who wants to see the life in a different way

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i read this book on university as my lecturer gave this to our class as a project. however, as pages went one by one, I began to continue reading for not only as a homework but fun and curiosity.

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Simply the best life and investment advice ever given - even better than "Fooled by Randomness". Thanks to Mr. Taleb!

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