A Manual of Engineering Drawing for Students and Draftsmen

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McGraw-Hill book Company, Incorporated, 1918 - Architectural drawing - 329 pages
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Page 10 - ... 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 9H.
Page 142 - The point must travel parallel to the axis with uniform linear velocity while at the same time it is moving with uniform angular velocity around the axis. The curve can be thought of as being generated by a point moving uniformly along a straight line while the line is revolving with uniform angular velocity around the axis of the given cylinder. Study the pictorial drawing, Fig.
Page 99 - ... axis, will develop into a straight line. Divide the base, here shown as a bottom view, into a number of equal parts, representing elements. Project these elements up to the front view. Draw the stretchout and measuring lines as before. Transfer the lengths of the elements in order, either by projection or with dividers, and join the points by a smooth curve. Sketch the curve very lightly freehand before fitting the curved ruler to it. This might be one-half of a two-piece elbow. Three-piece,...
Page 234 - Complete bills of material showing the different parts of structure with its mark, and the shipping weight should be prepared. This is necessary in checking up the material to see that it has all been shipped or received, and to check the shipping weight. 8. Rivet List. — The rivet list should show the dimensions and number of all field rivets, field bolts, spikes, etc., used in the erection of the structure. 9. List of Drawings. — A list should be made showing the contents of all drawings belonging...
Page 316 - Symbol to which line connects. _ (Circuit for Clock, Telephone, Bell or other Service, run under Floor ' above, concealed. ( Kind of Service wanted ascertained by Symbol to which line connects.
Page 233 - This will give the main dimensions of the structure, the loading, stresses in all members for the dead loads, live loads, wind loads, etc., itemized separately; the total maximum stresses and minimum stresses; sizes of members; typical sections of all built members showing arrangement of material, and all information necessary for the detailing of the various parts of the structure. 3. Shop Drawings. — Shop detail drawings should be made for all steel and iron work and detail drawings of all timber,...
Page 46 - The parabola is a plane curve generated by a point so moving that its distance from a fixed point, called the "focus," is always equal to its distance from a straight line, called the "directrix.
Page 247 - A floor plan is a horizontal section at a distance above the floor, varying so as to cut the walls at a height which will best show the construction. The cut would thus evidently cross all openings, no matter at what height they are from the floor.
Page 74 - pro" meaning "forward" and "jacere" meaning "to throw." Thus orthographic projection literally means "thrown forward, drawn at right angles." The following definition has been given: Orthographic projection is the method of representing the exact form of an object in two or more views on planes generally at right angles to each other, by dropping perpendiculars from the object to the planes.
Page 143 - ... both cases being equal to oneeighth of the pitch of the thread. In this connection it may be appropriate to define the expression " pitch " as well as "lead/' as these two are often confused and the word " pitch," in particular, often, though improperly, used in place of "number of threads per inch.

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