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Firestar, now leader of ThunderClan, must head out on a quest. StarClan has spoken to him. He must go and remake the long lost clan, SkyClan. Joined by his mate Sandstorm, Firestar leaves his clan to ... Read full review

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I love this book!! It is so awsome!!
wow! this book is so awsome! -Olivia, age

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One word: Wow.
Ya gotta admit, Erin Hunter is the best. The story is so similarly written the whole way through, you wouldn't know the author is actually four different people. The whole Sandstorm
V Spottedleaf thing really makes ya pull a face to yourself.
I always knew SkyClan would make a dramatic entrance somewhere, but I never thought in this way. Incredible!
It's definitely good to see all our favourite characters again, and you have to love how Firestar's deputy is his best friend. It's good to see Smudge making a return as well. Love that little guy!
My favourite part has to be when Firestar loses Sandstorm in a huge wave in the flood; Tons of drama in there. It's all 'Must do this' 'Must do that' 'StarClan help me' 'Why, Spottedleaf?'.
And it's not all hunky-dorey. You must remember that Sandstorm's opinion of Firestar sort of changes a lot.
The worst part, although I'd hate to say there IS a worst part, is probably how Firestar has so much responsibility of being leader and he can't sleep in the warriors' den and share tongues like old times. Poor kitty.
I give it 5 stars! This bigger-than-usual book will keep me busy for a while!

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For a while, I read in confusion at the prospect of sandstorm being blind to Firestars first love of spotted leaf. This book answered that while delivering a solid story. If you liked Midnight and Moonrise you will enjoy this book. 8.5 out of 10. Some parts were a little slow.

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awesome plain aesome

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