Historical Sketch of Salem, 1626-1879

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Essex Institute, 1879 - Salem (Mass.) - 280 pages
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Page 13 - And forever honored be the name of Endicott ! We look back through the mist of ages, and recognize in the rending of the Red Cross from New England's banner the first omen of that deliverance which our fathers consummated after the bones of the stern Puritan had lain more than a century in the dust.
Page 8 - Magistrates and churches here, and that before any conviction, and yet maintaineth the same without retraction, it is therefore ordered, that the said Mr. Williams shall depart out of this jurisdiction within six weeks now next ensuing ; which if he neglect to perform, it shall be lawful for the Governor and two of the Magistrates to send him to some place out of this jurisdiction, not to return any more without license from the Court.
Page 7 - That whereas Mr. Williams had refused to join with the congregation at Boston, because they would not make a public declaration of their repentance for having communion with the churches of England while they lived there...
Page 30 - I going well to bed, about the dead of the night felt a great weight upon my breast, and awakening looked and, it being bright moonlight, did clearly see said Bridget Bishop or her likeness sitting upon my stomach. And putting my arms off of the bed to free myself from...
Page 29 - There was one very strange thing more, with which the Court was newly entertained. As this Woman was under a Guard, passing by the great and spacious Meeting-house of Salem, she gave a look towards the House : And immediately a Daemon invisibly entring the Meeting-house, tore down a part of it ; so that tho...
Page 73 - We covenant with our Lord, and one with another. We bind ourselves, in the presence of God, to walk together in all his ways, according as he is pleased to reveal himself to us in his blessed word of truth...
Page 202 - And here I sat a long, long time, waiting patiently for the world to know me, and sometimes wondering why it did not know me sooner, or whether it would ever know me at all, at least, till I were in my grave.
Page 39 - A general Congress of Delegates from all the Colonies having been proposed and agreed to, the House of Representatives, on the...
Page 116 - ... to collect such facts and observations as tend to the improvement and security of navigation ; " third, " to form a museum of natural and artificial curiosities, particularly such as are to be found beyond the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn.
Page 8 - Salem, hath broached and divulged divers new and dangerous opinions, against the authority of magistrates ; as also writ letters of defamation, both of the magistrates and churches...

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