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User Review  - Pat Styers -

There is only one problem with this book. You will want to keep reading it to see whats next. I gave the smaller booklet to a few people and they all wanted the book. So I gave them one of the ... Read full review

User Review  - Yana Prokhor -

i just started reading it but i really like how the author sends the message through. It's understandable and i'm excited to get through the book to learn all i can. :) Read full review

User Review  - Renee -

This is an awesome life changing book. Great for Christians of all ages. Makes a great gift for new believers. Read full review

User Review  - Aileen Biesiadecki -

AWESOME!!! This book changed my life. It opened my eyes to what it is God wants from us while on earth. It definitely brought purpose to my life. Read full review

User Review  - Thomas Findlay -

I'm not even through reading and it has changed my life.No wonder it it a best seller.Highly recommended reading for all Christians Read full review

User Review  - Perfecto Alferos -

I purchased 20 copies and distributed it to all the members of my families (brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces). Read full review

User Review  - Joseph Bingham -

This is one great book for new Christians. I purchased these books for church so that we could build the lives of new Christians. Read full review

User Review  - Wendy Eros -

Always a great book. I am using it in 2 Bible classes in Japan right now and it's a wonderful tool for sharing the Word of God. Read full review

User Review  - Mary Amira -

Nice book, good for your spiritual growth. I bought for my self and as a gift for youth in my church, and they really appreciate it a lot. Read full review

User Review  - Sharon Mcgovern -

Wonderful book that can be read over and over and over again. New wisdom and insight is gained each time it's read. An absolute steal at $7.99! Read full review

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