A Manual of Pharmacodynamics

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C. Ringer, 1870 - Homeopathy - 1111 pages
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Page 240 - When we heard this we were ashamed, and restrained our tears. But he, having walked about, when he said that his legs were growing heavy, lay down on his back ; for the man so directed him. And at the same time he who gave him the poison, taking hold of him, after a short interval examined his feet and legs ; and then having pressed his foot hard, he asked if he felt it ; he said that he did not. And after this he pressed his thighs ; and thus going higher, he showed us that he was growing cold and...
Page 240 - It shall be done,' said Crito, ' but consider whether you have anything else to say.' " To this question he gave no reply ; but shortly after he gave a convulsive movement, and the man covered him, and his eyes were fixed, and Crito, perceiving it, closed his mouth and eyes.
Page 240 - And after this he pressed his thighs; and, thus going higher, he showed us that he was growing cold and stiff. Then Socrates touched himself, and said that when the poison reached his heart he should then depart 155.
Page 576 - Medical Guide ; containing Essays on the Physical, Moral, and Educational Development of Females, and the Homoeopathic Treatment of their Diseases in all Periods of Life ; together with Directions for the Remedial Use of Water and Gymnastics, by JH Pulte, MD 12mo, pp.
Page 189 - I found it remained in the posture in which I placed it. It required but a very brief examination of the limbs to find that...
Page 575 - Homoeopathy,' being a companion to the various works thereon ; containing information on a variety of subjects connected with, and bearing on, the family practice of Homoeopathy, but not treated of in the domestic works on that subject — such as the domestic management of the Sick-room, conduct of Nurses and Attendants, Ventilation, Baths, Bandages, Poultices, and Cookery for the Sick and Convalescent, <fcc.
Page 262 - And . Pereira, who has previously stated that " in a considerable number of instances the pulse becomes irregular or intermittent under the use of foxglove," writes farther on — " In patients affected with an intermittent or otherwise irregular pulse, I have several times observed this medicine produce regularity of pulsation, — a circumstance also noticed by Dr. Holland.
Page 259 - Eigor mortis sets in exceedingly early ; and on opening the thorax immediately after death, the heart is found contracted, rigid, motionless, and totally empty. A farther examination discloses remarkable chemical and electrical changes in the heart and other muscles. The muscular juice is acid instead of alkaline ; and the external surface is electrically negative to the cut surface, instead of (as normally) positive. These results we consider to establish beyond doubt that pathogenetic influence...
Page 339 - The following case will illustrate its action in affections of this kind. Being taken from the records of our Dispensary, the notes of the case are necessarily brief and fragmentary. "August 19th, 1864.— Mrs. F— , aet. 39. Lost her appetite nine months ago, without assignable cause; then followed vomiting of all food, with great debility. The bowels are much relaxed ; the catamenia regular. Finding also some smarting of the eyes, I suspected that arsenical influence might be at work here, and...
Page 168 - The pressure on the stomach, a much more frequent affection of the gastric mucous membranes in the female than the male, generally caused by irregularity in diet, eating indigestible food, bread not enough baked, coffee, brandy or bad beer, finds for the most part its radical cure in Bryonia. It comes on when the stomach is empty as well as when it is full, but more frequently immediately after it has been emptied of its contents ; the patients complain of a pressure at the pit of the stomach, as...

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