The Social Fetich

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Smith, Elder, & Company, 1908 - Great Britain - 155 pages
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Page 159 - STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES CECIL H. GREEN LIBRARY STANFORD, CALIFORNIA 94305-600 (415) 723-1493 All books may be recalled after 7 days DATE DUE...
Page 50 - ... and it would be difficult for me now to recognise this insidious little plague by any other name. When, however, we asked this same lady if she did not think that this ultrarefinement, which shirked the naming of so open-air a little animal as the harvest-bug, was rather ' hum hum-hum,' she did not follow us at all. Her refinement was, however, amply accounted for by a fact with which she was at pains to acquaint her listeners, namely, that her ancestors were French marquises while the ancestors...
Page 53 - What o'clock is it?" "Six, surr." "Go away; I am not going to get up till eight." At seven she reappeared. "Indade, and ye must get up now, it's seven." Finding him unmoved at her next return, she said, "Git up, there's a sweet gintleman: there's two commercial gintlemen waiting for their breakfast, and I can't lay the cloth till I have yer honor's top sheet.
Page 53 - ... experience related by a friend of mine as having happened to himself is a rare one. He had gone to bed in an Irish inn, bidding the landlady to have him called at eight. At six, however, next morning, she knocked at his door. " Ye've to git up,
Page 59 - onerous to those who give them and humiliating to those who receive them,' and the proposed tariff ought, therefore, to be equally welcome to ' tipster ' and ' tipped.' But it is not only at hotels that the system of ' tips ' is irksome, and at times humiliating to both ' tipper ' and ' tippee,' as I prefer to render the giver and receiver of
Page vii - To / Thomas Hardy / in grateful recognition of timely aid / and counsel, and in memory / of old and enduring / friendship...
Page 70 - ... none the less necessary from the fact that circumstances compelled her to visit much amongst relations and friends to whom this most irksome form of ignominy was unknown. She was paying a definite Monday to Friday visit at a large, luxurious country house, and to her delight she found in her bedroom a neat little affiche, a duplicate of which was in each guest-chamber, to the effect that the host and hostess earnestly requested that no ' tips ' should be given to any of the servants.
Page 17 - I defy any one — well, almost any one — in normal circumstances to detect a flaw. To believe there is a further difference is a magnificent conceit, a superstition which, alas ! clings and is hard to shake off. But I have known, and I feel honoured by their acquaintance, men and women who not only have not acquired them, but who were ignorant of the want or existence of these distinctive niceties, and who were as worthy to be considered " gentlemen " as any descendant of the unmistakable caste...
Page 9 - Moreover a fine ear, a delicate enunciation, and a refined spirit are necessary to the perfect appreciation of the beauties of so subtle a language. But apart from actual pronunciation, there are certain phrases and expressions which sound the warning note, and caution the unwary lest they should be betrayed into undue familiarity with those not of their caste. Perhaps those who " take " sugar are the most unregenerate. It requires a very slight stretch of the imagination to suppose that those who...
Page 45 - But, it will be argued, hotels are not supposed to represent ' home life,' and yet there are thousands of people, especially in America, where the servant question is an even greater difficulty than with us, who voluntarily resign themselves to hotel life in preference to having and managing a house of their own. Moreover, any prolonged sojourn in a place beyond, say, three weeks makes it home for the time being, and any persons condemned by their occupations to remain out of their own country will...

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