Surface Geology and Agricultural Conditions of Michigan, Issue 21

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Wynkoop, Hallenbeck, Crawford Company, state printers, 1917 - Agriculture - 223 pages

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Page 99 - The glacial deposits are loose textured throughout much of this area and water is found in great abundance whereever the deposits have sufficient depth to collect it. In the sandstone formations on the borders of Lake Superior in the western as well as in the eastern part of the Peninsula water is found in abundance and in some cases flowing wells have been obtained. Such wells are likely to be struck on the low land bordering Portage Lake and around the head of Keweenaw Bay.
Page 9 - DIRECTOR, RC ALLEN. SCIENTIFIC ADVISORS. Geologists.— Dr. LL Hubbard, Houghton; Prof. WH Hobbs, Ann Arbor; Prof. WH Sherzer, Ypsilanti; Prof.
Page 16 - The anti-cyclonic storms, which are areas of high barometric pressure, are characterized in their advance by colder, clearing weather. The circulation of the wind in a cyclone is spirally inward and in the direction opposite to the movement of the hands of a watch. The .circulation of the air about an area of high barometric pressure, or an anti-cyclone, is outward, circulatory and in the same direction as the movement of the hands of a watch.
Page 20 - Peninsula from which it has been able to determine the average date of the last killing frost in spring and the first in autumn and...
Page 76 - They cover an area one to two miles in width and eight to ten miles in length. These several places are perhaps the most striking examples of the development of sand ridges in connection with the Nipissing Great Lakes in this Peninsula, but the wave work along the shore is a conspicuous feature throughout almost the entire coast of Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron. The land survey plats made by the Government surveyors often indicate the position of this shore as the "former coast line...
Page 59 - ... general map that it seems unnecessary to outline their position and extent. They are especially prominent in the district east of the Whiteflsh and Au Train valleys in the drainage basins of Sturgeon and Manistique rivers. But they are also well developed in Marquette, Dickinson, Baraga, and Houghton counties.
Page 68 - ... the younger lakes are direct successors of the older with changes in level and shiftings of the lines of discharge. LAKE ONTONAGON. The oldest and highest of the large glacial lakes in the Northern Peninsula is one which was held in the basin of the Ontonagou River to the south of the Copper Range.
Page 117 - In the two earlier stages, glaciation seems to have been more vigorous in the central part of Canada than in the eastern, and it may have extended southeastward from the Superior basin through the Huron into Ohio, and thus carried the copper and associated rocks into that state. The main body of drift in Michigan seems, however, to have been deposited in the Illinoian and Wisconsin stages of glaciation. The old moraines in the southeastern part of the state, and the old drift exposed in stream bluffs...
Page 161 - Area 414.4 square miles in 414 seetions, not including Pine Lake. Number of farms, 1,460. Average value of land per acre, $15.33. Square miles in farms, 200. Per cent of land area in farms, 48.5. Per cent of farm land improved 48.3 or 23.4 per cent of county. Principal crops: Potatoes, hay, corn, oats, rye. A considerable part of the clayey till is in drumlins.
Page 108 - It thus appears that about 96 per cent of the peninsula falls between 1,200 feet and the level of Lakes Michigan and Huron, 580 feet. Of this about one-half falls below 800 feet, and one-third between 800 and 1,000 feet, thus leaving only one-sixth of the area above 1,000 feet, and that is very largely in the northern half of the peninsula. Mr. WF Cooper has published...

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