Oriental and Western Siberia: A Narrative of Seven Years' Explorations and Adventures in Siberia, Mongolia the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and Part of Central Asia

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Hurst and Blackett, 1858 - Asia - 611 pages

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I have to join the troops of readers who enjoyed this book. More than many others i've read regarding the Romanovs, both fiction and non, this is an unique view of the family as seen from an insider ... Read full review

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How does one rate such a book? Literary ??, not really of literary note at all. The story is very limited, simply a journals high lights and therefor often repetitive, and then progressing to no place ... Read full review

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Page 97 - Europe numerous works of vast merit. A married man with a family receives two poods of black flour for his wife and one pood for each child, on which they live and look stout. I have watched men cutting the emerald, topaz, amethyst, aquamarina, and other stones into different shapes; which they do with perfect accuracy and in good taste. Some of these brilliant gems have no doubt ere this adorned imperial majesty. These men also receive a like remuneration. The following is the rate of wages paid...
Page 472 - The kirghis sprung from his horse, slipped the hood over the eagle's head, and the shackles upon his legs, and removed him from his prey without difficulty. The keeper mounted his horse, his assistant placed the bearcoote on his perch, and he was ready for another flight. No dogs are taken out when hunting with the eagle : they would be destroyed to a certainty ; indeed the kirghis assert that he will attack and kill the wolf.
Page 472 - The keeper mounted his horse, his assistant placed the bearcoot on his perch, and he was ready for another flight. No dogs are taken out when hunting with the eagle; they would be destroyed to a certainty; indeed, the Kirghis assert that he will attack and kill the wolf. Foxes are hunted in this way, and many are killed — the wild goat and the lesser kinds of deer are also taken in considerable numbers. We had not gone far before a herd of small antelopes were seen feeding on the plain. Again the...
Page 15 - Tchounscwaia. upon a raised platform in the middle to look out and direct its course. I saw several of these vessels launched : it was a curious spectacle ; on the top of the craft there were about twelve men ; two gave, or rather sang, the words of command, which was followed by the others. About...
Page 102 - England, and visits the different mechanical engineering manufactories, walking through them occasionally, and taking notes during a period of twelve or eighteen months. This is not the training necessary to fit a man to direct efficiently and practically a great establishment. He must acquire the requisite knowledge by the toil of his own hands. Great mechanics are not made in any other way, nor is it in the power of epaulettes, of whatever size or material, to accomplish this object. In all our...
Page 99 - A traveler from the most civilized parts of Europe, who should come here to gratify his curiosity, would not find a very remarkable difference between the style of living in this region among the wealthy and that of the same class in his own country. He would find the ladies handsomely clad in dresses made from the best products of the looms of France and England, and would be welcomed at the fireside, and ou all occasions, with a generous hospitality seldom met with elsewhere.
Page 468 - Our escort guided us to a large yourt with a long spear stuck into the ground at the door, and a long tuft of black horsehair was hanging from beneath its glittering head. A fine tall man met us at the door; he caught the reins of my bridle, gave me his hand to enable me to dismount, and led me into the yourt. This was Sultan Baspasihan, who welcomed me into his dwelling. He was a strong, ruddy-faced man, dressed in a black velvet kalat, edged with sable, and wore a deep crimson shawl round...
Page vii - Asia, and produced 560 sketches of the scenery, executed with the moist colors made by Winsor and Newton, invaluable to an artist employed under such circumstances. I have used them on the sandy plains of Central Asia in a temperature of 50 Reaumur (144 Fahrenheit), and in Siberia have had them frozen as solid as a mass of iron when the temperature was 43 Reaumur of frost, 11 below the point where the mercury became solid, when I could make it into balls in my bullet-moulds.
Page 386 - The clouds appeared hanging on the trees in a black mass, while all around us was enveloped in a dense fog. Much as I like to see a thunder-storm, this made me fear its dreadful effects, more especially after seeing so many larches shivered during our day's ride. To remove was impossible ; we must remain and trust in Providence for protection. In about half an hour the storm passed off toward the mountains, among which it echoed with fearful grandeur.

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