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I just started reading this book that I happened upon in a used book store. Nearby was another Michael Lewis book so I grabbed that, too. The first book Of his that I read was LIAR'S POKER. I liked it so I knew these two would be interesting, entertaining, and informative.
NEXT: THE FUTURE JUST HAPPENED is about the Internet and its effect on world business, politics, and relationships. I have been learning about computers for some time now and thought this would be a useful read. So far, it's good.
Lewis is using 'case studies' to demonstrate his understanding. There is the story of a boy who made big bucks using online stock market sites. His success was investigated by the Securities Exchange Commission, the US Government's stock market police department. They considered that the boy's parents had made too much money too fast so there must have been criminal activity. But, really, it was the child who had mastered the stock market and made a small fortune (it might buy one house in today's market).
Lewis showed that the boy succeeded in part because online business has no face. Interactions with people are textual. No one knew or guessed that a boy was brokering deals, not an adult. And there was no mentor who was guiding him in business mores so he observed and came to his own conclusions.
It was fascinating, and there is more. That is only one of Lewis' examples.

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