If the Shoe Fits, Wear It

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AuthorHouse, 14 Tem 2008 - 212 sayfa
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The way you view yourself and relationships with a man or woman will never be the same, especially when you look at relationships in God's perspective. You'll be more careful when you're ready to build a long term relationship. Knowing who you are and knowing your destiny is very important before walking down the aisles. The right man with the right woman equals the right relationship. You can even have a good looking soul mate that loves you for you who won't cheat. I'll be talking about these topics in the book. Having the right mate for life.Be careful who you fall in love with.The four types of love.How to build your relationship.Does color matter?Does age matter? (For adults not minors)Sex is a great thing in the right content.How God views sex.What causes relationships not to work?How we try to force relationships that was never intended to work.Being single and celibate.Domestic violence.Why divorce is at a high rate.Getting that good looking soul mate according to God's will (plan).

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Yazar hakkında (2008)

Bernard discovered his talents of singing and writing at an early age. He has always been an inspiring artist that has been creating not just writing but experimenting with all aspects of life. Bernard graduated from high school and pursued his singing career with his high school group called Interlude. At the age of twenty-one he heard the voice of God call him to ministry and he accepted the call of God. He was equipped and trained under the leadership of Bishop Victor T. Curry where he was licensed and ordained for ministry. Therefore, Bernard now serves at the New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International as an associate pastor. He served in ministries such as the Prayer Warrior’s Ministry, the Counselors Ministry, as a Sunday School Teacher, Prison Ministry, the Armor Bearer Ministry, the Young Adult Ministry and the Evangelism Ministry.  Bernard is also pursuing a degree in Theology at the E.V. Hill Bible College of Miami, Florida. He also is pursuing a degree in Music Business and Education at Miami Dade College. Upon graduation Bernard will further his education at Florida Memorial University.  Furthermore, Mr. Young has a unique passion for music, serving, poetry and his greatest passion of all writing and producing magnificent works for God. He ventured out and accepted the challenge to deal with singles through his writings and teachings.  God inspired him to write to a group of individuals to help equip, and educate, and to teach single people to be careful who they say “I do” to. He has always had a great passion and love for people who are hurting. Bernard is living a single life and is now waiting for God to send him a virtuous woman. He experienced the struggles, the heartaches, and pains of relationships.  And knows how it feels to be healed from past relationships.

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