Annual Report of the Operations of the United States Life-Saving Service for the Fiscal Year Ending ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1884
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Page 294 - have been bestowed or have been lost without fault on their part, one hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be expended under the direction of
Page 293 - For pay of crews of surfmen employed at the life-saving and life-boat stations, during the period of actual employment; compensation of volunteers at life-saving and life-boat stations for actual and deserving service rendered upon any occasion of disaster, at such rate, not to exceed $10 for
Page 319 - annual statement of wrecks and casualties which have occurred on or near the coasts and on the rivers of the United States, and to American vessels at sea or on the coasts of foreign countries. The statistics relating to disasters upon our own
Page 293 - drill and exercise; fuel for stations and houses of refuge ; repairs and outfits for same; rebuilding and improvement of same ; supplies and provisions for houses of refuge and for shipwrecked persons succored at stations ; traveling expenses of officers under orders from the Treasury Department; for carrying out the provisions of sections seven and eight of the act approved May fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two,
Page 306 - from the hawser, and your signal seen by the life-saving crew, they will haul the hawser taut and by means of the whip will haul off to your ship a breechesbuoy suspended from a traveler-block, or a life-car from rings, running on the hawser. Figure 3 represents the apparatus rigged, with the breeches-buoy hauled off to the ship.
Page 306 - clear, and that the rope in the block runs free, and show signal to the shore." These instructions being obeyed, the result will be as shown in Figure 2. Take particular care that there are no turns of
Page 303 - Most of the life-saving and life-boat stations are provided with the International Code of Signals, and vessels can, by opening communication, be reported or obtain the latitude and longitude of the station where determined, information as to the weather probabilities in most cases, or, if crippled or disabled, a steam-tug or revenue-cutter will be telegraphed
Page 303 - Houses of refuge are located exclusively upon the Florida coast, where the requirements of relief are widely different from those of any other portion of the sea-board. • All services are performed by the life-saving crews without other compensation than their wages from the Government, though, in view of the
Page 304 - not much danger of vessels breaking up immediately, to remain on board until assistance arrives, and under no circumstances should they attempt to land through the surf in their own boats until the last hope of assistance from the shore has vanished. Often when comparatively smooth at sea a dangerous surf is running which is not perceptible four hundred yards
Page 307 - burning of the light and their arrival, as the patrolman may have to return to his station, perhaps three or four miles distant, and the life-saving crew draw the apparatus or surf-boat through the sand or over bad roads to where your vessel is stranded.

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